Tuition and Fees (2013 - 2014)

DPT Basic Program Costs

Per Semester (F/S)



DPT Program Block Tuition $10,400 $10,400 $31,200
DPT Professional Fee $400 $400 $1,200
AU General Fees: Graduate $312 $130 $754
Books and Supplies (estimate) $600 $600 $1,800
TOTAL $11,712 $11,530 $34,954


Other One-Time Expenses


DPT Application Fee (See PTCAS) $   
Confirmation Deposit before December 31 $200
Confirmation Deposit after December 31 $300
Criminal Background Check & Drug Tests (required by some Clinical Facilities) ~$140

For specific information about the application process, see the AU Bulletin or contact the Physical Therapy Admissions Director (269) 471-6094 or (800) 827-2878.

Financial Aid

  • Andrews University offers full-time undergraduate students the Andrews Partnership Scholarship which is described in the AU Bulletin. Students who start the PT program without a bachelor’s degree may be eligible to receive this scholarship for 2 terms (PT-1 & 2).
  • DPT students are eligible for the Graduate Scholarship for up to 6 terms following the completion of a bachelor’s degree. This scholarship is a flat-rate tuition discount off the block tuition rate.
    -BHS: Physical Therapy students (students who start the PT program without a bachelor’s degree) would receive a scholarship for 6 terms after they become PT graduate students, or terms PT-3 through PT-8.
    -DPT students (students who start the PT program with a bachelor’s degree) would receive a scholarship for 6 terms after enrollment, or terms PT-1 through PT-6.
    Contact the PT Department for details on either of these two scholarships. 
  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is your key to federal and state student aid. Eligibility for this financial aid is based on need established by completion of the FAFSA, which includes an evaluation of the student’s income and assets. Financial aid application packets are available after January 1st by calling Enrollment Information Services (269-471-6509) or Student Financial Services (269-471-3334). Turn in all necessary financial aid documents. For a complete list, go to the Student Financial Services website.
  • The Physical Therapy Department has limited resources for financial aid which include graduate assistantships and scholarships.
  • Other sources of support for students include parental assistance, accumulated savings, the income of working spouses, part-time jobs, scholarships, and loans.
  • Eligible students may receive Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants. Interest on the loans accrues at a comparatively low rate and the loans are repayable over an extended period of time after you complete your course of study.
Payment Plans For DPT Students

For more details, see the "payment plans" on the Andrews Website or see the Financial Section of the University Bulletin.

  • 3% Rebate Plan Pay year's expenses by August 15 and receive 3% rebate on payment.  Email to receive payment plan rebate.
  • 1% Rebate Plan Pay semester's expenses by August 15 and December 15 to receive 1% rebate on payment.  Email to receive payment plan rebate.
  • Installment Plan 40% down and the remainder in 3 monthly payments.

For specific financial aid information, see the Financial Services Webpage or contact Student Financial Services (800) 253-2874 or (269) 471-3334.

Dormitory Options


Dormitory per Semester (double occupancy) $2,082-$2,282
Dormitory per Semester (single occupancy) $3,124-$4564
Semester Meal Plan Charge (required in Dormitory) $1,650
Dormitory Single Daily Rate $31-$44


On-Campus Housing Costs

Rates Per Month

Efficiency $555
One Bedroom $585 - $655
Two Bedroom $645 - $715
Three Bedroom $705 - $770
Four Bedroom $825
Initial Application Fee $320

Rental rates effective July 1, 2012

Insurance  (2013-2014)
Coverage Annual Fall-only Spring/Summer Summer-only
Student $1,191 $474 $777 $400
Student + 1 Dependant $2,876 $1,202 $1,817 $962
Student + 2 Dependants $4,320 $1,757 $2,771 $1,438

See Student Insurance for additional information.

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