Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the Andrews University Speakers Bureau Directory. We hope that you will find the Directory to be a useful resource in meeting the programming needs of your organization. If you have suggestions for improving our service, click here to contact us by email or call 269-471-3315.

How to Use the Speakers Bureau Directory

The Speakers Bureau Directory is divided into four sections. They are:

Foreign Language Resources provides names of Andrews University faculty members who are available to speak to your organization in languages other than English.

Speakers Available for Sabbath Sermons is a list of Andrews University faculty and staff members who are available to speak for your Sabbath morning worship service. Sabbath sermon topics may include but are not limited to a speaker's area of academic study.

Clicking on the name of a speaker will take you to their complete Speakers Bureau Directory listing.

How to Book a Speaker

To invite a speaker for your organization, contact the speaker directly.

To contact a speaker by email, click on their name in their directory listing.* You may also contact them at the telephone number listed in their directory listing.

We recommend contacting faculty and staff at least one month in advance to allow for scheduling and advance preparation.

If you don't find an expert in the field you need, give us a call at 269-471-3315.

The Speakers Bureau will pay mileage for appointments within Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. If overnight accommodations are necessary, the inviting group is asked to provide lodging and food expenses.

*Occasionally a faculty or staff member requests that we not publish their email address. If clicking on their name does not bring up an email dialog box, please contact them by telephone.