Fernando Canale, PhD
Professor of Theology and Philosophy

Available for Sabbath sermons

  • The Acts of God Seminar: Foreknowledge, Predestination and Providence
    Series of three presentations on the eternal acts involved in the plan of salvation.


    • Foreknowledge and Free Will

    • The Biblical View of Eternal Predestination

    • The Structure of Divine Providence

  • The Adventist Vision and Mission Seminar
    Series of six presentations for pastors and leaders of the Adventist Church.

    This series retrieves the early Adventist vision as summarized in the three angels messages and explores its hermeneutical foundations and missionary applications in the setting of contemporary Adventism.


    • The Splitting of Adventist Theology

    • Hermeneutics and Vision

    • The Hermeneutical Divide

    • Vision, Theological Hermeneutics and the Mission of the Church

    • Sanctuary, Hermeneutics and the Adventist Vision I

    • Sanctuary, Hermeneutics and the Adventist Vision II

  • The Christian Experience Seminar
    Series of three sermons on dealing with the experience of salvation from the perspective of the way in which believers receive the work of Christ in their lives.


    • Opening to Christ

    • The Personal Dynamics of the Christian Experience

    • Obedience and Freedom

  • Christianity 101:Rituals, Power or Freedom?
    Christ as the quest for human freedom. In Christ the dynamic of law and grace leads to freedom in everyday life and in eternity.

  • The Church as the House of Prayer for All People
    How should the Christian face the phenomenon of multiculturalism in its midst?

    Should the Christian church in a multicultural setting divide itself in congregations following cultural and national lines? Or should the Christian church develop by bringing people from all cultures together in one single congregation?

  • The Coming of the Counselor Seminar
    Series of four sermons on the coming of the Holy Spirit to the church.


    • The Promise of the Spirit

    • The Secret Presence of the Spirit in the Old Testament

    • The Coming of the Spirit to the Church

    • The Coming of the Spirit to the Believer

  • Experiencing the Blessed Hope of the Imminent Return of Jesus Christ
    Our Christian experience should center not around the cross but around the blessed hope of the soon return of Christ.

  • In the Struggle: Overcoming the Culturalization of Adventism
    How we experience culture, how the culture of the church is shaping the Christian experience of new generations of Adventist believer and how this process of culturalization must be overcome in Christ.

  • Jesus' Theology of Salvation
    Since 1888 Adventists have emphasized salvation as a "personal" relationship with God.

    In John 15 Jesus presents His understanding on this issue in a clear and authoritative manner.

  • Principles of Worship
    Discussion of some basic principles of Christian worship.

  • The Revelation-Inspiration Models Seminar
    Series of 4-5 presentations describing and analyzing three major models of the inspiration of Scripture operative in Christian theologies, and the incarnational model of revelation-inspiration that follows from the doctrine and phenomena of Scripture.


    • The Classical Model

    • The Modern Model

    • The Evangelical Model

    • The Incarnational Model: Revelation

    • The Incarnational Model: Inspiration

  • Salvation and the Mission of the Church
    Is the mission of the church indispensable and necessary or a nonessential disposable activity? Does mission belong to the essence of Christianity? Should all members of the church be involved in the mission of the church?

  • The Sanctuary and the Understanding of Christianity
    The way in which the biblical teachings on the Old Testament and heavenly sanctuary impacts on the teachings and experience of Christianity.

  • The Sanctuary and the Interpretation of Christian Doctrines
    Series of three presentations on the way in which biblical revelations on God's sanctuary affects our interpretation of Christianity.

  • Secularism and the Church
    Description of the way in which the church is secularized and the need to go back to Scripture as the only way to overcome the secularization of Christianity as experience and institution.

  • The Theology-Philosophy Relation and Its Impact on the Development of Christianity
    Analysis of the way in which philosophical and scientific teachings have shaped the doctrine and practice of Christianity.

  • The Three Angels Message and the Future of Adventism
    The future of Adventism is tied to the way in which contemporary Adventists retrieve and experience the three revolutions implicit in the three angels messages, namely, a theological revolution, missiological revolution, and worship revolution.

  • The Three Angels Messages Seminar
    Series of three sermons on Revelation 14:6-12.

  • Why Are Christians Divided on Their Understanding of Scripture and Christianity?
    Hermeneutical principles and their impact on the interpretation of Christian teachings.

  • Worship Renewal
    Biblical worship must not be confused with rituals or worshipping styles. The question invites answers to the questions: What is worship according to Scriptures? What is involved in a genuine worship experience according to Scriptures?

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