Donna J. Habenicht, EdD
Professor of Educational and Counseling Psychology, Emerita

Available for Sabbath sermons

  • Children's Ministry for Large Churches
    Pleasures and pitfalls of ministry to children in large churches. Overcoming the "mob syndrome," finding volunteers and other such issues which confront children's ministry leaders in large churches.
  • Children's Ministry for Small Churches
    Yes, it can be done, and it may have unsuspected advantages. Tricks of the trade for vibrant ministry to children in a small church.
  • The Child in Sabbath School
    Learn to know your pupils better so you can reach their hearts and lives for God.
  • Discipline as You Like It
    Basic parenting workshop which covers: Temperament, causes of behavior, how to discipline children, parenting styles, and how to be a loving and "in charge" parent.
  • Evangelism with Children
    How to present evangelistic meetings for children to complement the adult meetings. Specific guidelines for evangelism with children.
  • Faith Development for Church Workers
    Understand how faith develops from early childhood through youth so you can help children grow in faith through every stage of their lives.
  • Getting Along with Your Child
    Basic parenting worksop with introduces families to the easy, slow-to-warm-up, and difficult temperaments and how to cope with each type. How parents can make their homes a nurturing place and adapt their discipline for each temperament style.
  • GraceLink Curriculum and Your Church
    Kids love GraceLink! How to organize your Sabbath School for GraceLink, the new SDA curriculum for children, and how to adapt GraceLink for your church.
  • Help! I'm Lost...I Don't Know How to Get This Place Going!
    Organizing your Sabbath School division, finding volunteers, creating exciting programs for children, dealing with finances and other such nitty gritty issues.
  • Help! My Child Is Hyperactive! What Can I Do?
    Advanced parenting workshop for families with a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Basic techniques for dealing with hyperactivity and attention deficits in the home. How to preserve your own sanity and yet provide the support this special child needs.
  • How to Help Children Grow Spiritually
    How children grow and develop spiritually and what you can do to help each child fall in love with Jesus.
  • How to Help Your Child Love Jesus
    Advanced parenting workshop which covers: How children grow and develop spiritually from birth through adolescence, what parents can do to help their children love Jesus, learn to love, trust and obey, forgive and be forgiven, develop Christian self-esteem, accept salvation and grow in their Christian experience. Based on the speaker's book How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus.
  • How to Help Your Child Through the Divorce Maze
    How to help children become divorce survivors. How children of all ages—from infancy through the college yearsreact to the divorce of their parents, what to expect at each age, and how to prevent problems. The adjustment stsages children go through, how to help with specific needs at each stage and how to deal with "sleeper" effects.
  • Kids and the Bible
    Children need the Bible, but they don't know it. How you can open their eyes and ears to God's Word. Making Bible stories, learning Bible verses, seeking God's answers to everyday questions
    —everything you wanted to know about teaching the Bible so today's kids will love it.
  • Love Them First
    How to bild a saving relationship with each child in your church, the lovely and the unlovable.
  • Parenting in the 21st Century
    Basic parenting workshop which provides an introduction to: Parenting challenges of the 21st century, children's temperament, causes of behavior, praenting styles, basic discipline, managing TV, and Trade Secrets for Parents.
  • Parenting Styles
    Basic parenting workshop which covers the four parenting styles and their predictable effects on children's self-esteem, moral and religious development, leadership abilities, creativity and personality, and how to change your parenting style.
  • Raising Responsible Children
    Basic parenting workshop which focuses on how to help children become responsible persons, how to make "work" fun, teaching children to take pride in their work, allowances and handling money, preparing children for the "real" world of the 21st century.
  • Sabbath in the City (or the Country)
    Advanced parenting workshop which covers: How to make Sabbath a special day for families, preparing for the Sabbath, greeting the Sabbath, taking children to church, Sabbath afternoon activities for city or country people, making unforgettable Sabbath memories for your children which will draw them toward God all their lives. Come prepared to be an active participant as this workshop includes hands-on activities and small group sharing times for parents and children.
  • Salvation Is for Kids
    Salvation is so simple even a child can understand and accept Jesus and the grace He offers them every day.
  • Teaching Christian Values
    Advanced parenting workshop which covers: How to help children develop Christian values in a secular world, the nine basic principles for teaching Christian values, how to handle the media and other secular influences, hot to deal with peer pressure and how to teach the ten most important values. Come prepared to be an active participant as this workshop includes many small group activities. Based on the speaker's book: Ten Christian Values Every Kid Should Know: A How-To Guide for Families.
  • They Aren't All Alike
    Teaching and enjoying the different children who come to church. Hints for teaching the mentally gifted child, the hyperactive child, the shy or slow-to-warm-up child, the "show-off" child, and the child with a difficult temperament.
  • Today's Kids Learn
    Active learning and multiple intelligences come to church to entice today's kids into God's Word and worship.

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