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To Know the Place
An Anthropologist Remembers A Michigan Town
by Gary A. Wright
$ 0.00

A scholar goes home again through the eyes of his discipline and sees things he never saw before. In this case, the home is Berrien Springs, Michigan, and this anthropologist's personal reflection offers a compelling analysis of what small-town life means?and what it misses.

Useful for lay readings and as a supplemental text in courses in American culture and social history, Midwestern history, recent U.S. history, ethnographic methods, and related areas.

Gary A. Wright is professor of anthropology at SUNY, Albany. He has devoted more than 30 years to the study of people and their pasts.

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    Home Is Where One Starts From
    In the Edgware Road
    The Assurance of Recorded History
    Across the Field
    A People without History
    The Dialect of the Tribe
    A Strong Brown God
    The Directory of Directors
    Eating and Drinking
    Children in the Foliage
    An Antique Drum
    On the Field of Battle
    Words Move
    Distant Panorama
    We Shall Not Cease from Exploration

This book is not in print.
1999 | 158 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-23-9
$ 0.00


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