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This book is not in print.
Thinking Theologically
Adventist Christianity and the Interpretation of Faith
by Fritz Guy
$ 0.00

Guy, a well-known Adventist theologian who has served as a teacher, college dean, pastor, and university president, offers his philosophy of how North American Adventists ought to go about the business of "doing theology." The work is addressed to theological students, pastors, and serious general readers who are interested in what theological thinking is, why it is important, who needs to be doing it, and how it should be done.

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    Explaining the Activity
    1: What Theological Thinking Actually Is

    Exploring the Task
    2: Why Everyone Should Think Theologically
    3: How Theological Thinking Should Begin
    4: Why Theological Thinking Is Open-Ended
    5: How to Think with Intellectual Integrity

    Examining the Ingredients
    6: How Scripture Should Function
    7: What Else Is Involved
    8: How Culture Makes a Difference

    Envisioning the Work
    9: What Logical Presuppositions Need to Be Identified
    10: What Forms Theological Thinking Can Take
    11: Why Tripolar Thinking Is Essential


This book is not in print.
1999 | 283 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-27-7
$ 0.00


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