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Hesban 13: Faunal Remains
Taphonomical & Zooarchaeological Studies of the Animal Remains from Tell Hesban & Vicinity
by ?ystein S. LaBianca and Angela von den Driesch
$ 45.99

This volume is devoted to the presentation of the zooarchaeological analysis of the nearly 100,000 animal bones uncovered in the excavations at Tell Hesban.

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    Foreword by Randall W. Younker
    Preface by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 1: The Development of the Bone Work on the Heshbon Expedition by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 2: Ethnoarchaeological and Taphonomical Investigations in the Village of Hesban by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 3: The Nature of the Zooarchaeological Record at Tell Hesban by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 4: The Effect of Post-depositional Contexts on the Preservation and Interpretation of Bone Samples: A Case Study by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 5: Final Report on the Zooarchaeological Investigation of Animal Bone Finds from Tell Hesban, Jordan by Angela von den Driesch and Joachim Boessneck
    Chapter 6: Evidence of Deer in the Early Historical Period of Tell Hesban, Jordan by Joachim Boessneck and Angela von den Driesch
    Chapter 7: Bones of the Weasel, Mustela nivalis Linn?, 1766, from Tell Hesban, Jordan by Joachim Boessneck
    Chapter 8: Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibians by Joachim Boessneck
    Chapter 9: Fish Remains from Tell Hesban, Jordan by Johannes Lepiksaar
    Chapter 10: Interpretive Conclusions by ?ystein Sakala LaBianca
    Indexes by Ralph E. Hendrix

1995 | 262 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-29-2
$ 45.99


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