WirelessZone Get Connected Availability Support

The ITS Servers and Networks Team is pleased to announce wireless computing at Andrews University. Wireless computing is available in special areas around campus marked WirelessZone. WirelessZones allow you to use your laptop computer and a special PCMCIA card to connect to the Andrews University network without being plugged into a network wall jack. You're free to roam within zones without the worry of loosing your connection. Imagine the possibilities... Check your email during lunch at the cafe, research a web site during class, or even instant message a distant friend while you sit at a bench on a sunny spring day. It's all possible with wireless computing. Face it, it's natural to cut the cord, you've been doing it since birth. Don't stop now--Unplug and get connected!

WirelessZones are sneaky. You can't see, taste, touch, or hear them--but they're there, connecting your computer to a vast array of resources. So, how can you find a WirelessZone? Look for these special green diamonds posted around campus alerting you to the presence of a WirelessZone. Also, check availability frequently as more buildings and areas on campus acquire wireless computing.

Wireless computing is a service of the ITS department at Andrews University