What's an Amizzle?
I grew up in California (San Diego County), but was born on a small island called Pohnpei, Micronesia. It's a little island southeast of Guam and only about 14 miles square. My parents were missionaries, so there you go!
My siblings include my brainy mathematical, artistic fairytale sister, and a very furry...grey Tabby cat. My dad is the chair of the English department at my old High School, and teaches AP 12th grade English. My mom is a nurse at the nearby hospital (a profession that she always brings to the dinner table...gag.)
My Pets include 3 cats (one of which is spoiled beyond all help.) Another is a fat sumo-wrestling vampire, and the last is a shy/timid kitty. We also have a minniature Schnauser who's getting pretty old, and let's just say she's not the brightest bulb. And to finnish it all off, I've got 7 goldfish (all named lovingly after cartoon movie characters.) I'll give you 5 guesses what we named the orange and white one...