My Portfolio

Logo Design for a Staffing Company House Works Architect Tutorial Logo created for a Daycare in the Virgin Islands Photo Restoration: Before & After Photo Restoration 2: Before & After Customized logo created for a car club Video Game Cover Design The Golden Nugget Poster Haiti Festival Logo Screen Saver created for a friend A recreated poster on Knives for JohnsonRauhoff Lips in Space Tutorial Poster of Eiffel Tower Photoshop Tutorial Female T-Shirt Design Photography Self-Portrait Photography Self-Portrait 2 Nature Photography Nature Photography 2 Nature Photography 3 Nature Photography 4

Above in the slider, are some recent and past design that I've created using the adobe suite, to display some of my graphic designing skills along with photography. Below, I have some links that I've placed for your to view some of my past web project:

Past Websites

web1 web2 web3