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Carrot tops are not orange. I know this might come as a shock to some people, but carrot tops are actually green. "What? This can't be so!" you protest. But yes, the sad and unfortunate reality is that many people these days do not know the true color of a carrot top.
Carrot tops are green, Einstein.

Have you ever seen anyone with green hair? Ok, naturally green hair?.....If so, it would be acceptable to call them carrot top, or strawberry top, or even ... lettuce top or green bean top if you so desired (and they didn't mind). But the term carrot top definitely isn't a very reasonable title for anyone with any other hair color than green.

Therefore it is one of the goals of my life to cease and desist the useage of "carrot top" to describe redheads. It just doesn't make sense.


With that being said, this is a website created by a redhead and dedicated to redheads everywhere. Although to be technically correct, redheads do not have red hair ... it's more of a burnt orange.....