Who's Who's In Today's Jazz Entertainment

A new world who's who of entertainment, songs, singers and stage magic is on its way to world human stage and real life. It contains all the glitters, the stories, data, statistics and lists of lists of all those who left their mark on the world of music and showbiz; from progressive fusion rock, jazz and the year’s big buzz list to national music awards, and from San Remo Song Festival awards, airplay world official top 100 and sparkling divas to the ultimate entertainers, singers and songwriters. An unbelievable gigantic accomplishment by a world authority in the field, the prolific writer, author and producer, Maximillien de Lafayette. It is overwhelming. It is Homeric in the abundance of information it offers, the descriptive categories of live performances, styles, schools and music genres and rich biographic chronicles of singers, composers, musicians, writers, producers and giants of the industry it illustrates and the in-depth research of the fabric and divergent world of stars and showbiz.

erika_luckettErika Luckett (Best International Singer of World Music), and National Public Radio's Marian McPartland occupy a special place of honor in the Who's Who. Maria Gentile, Sarah Jane Cion, Jill Corey, Peggy Judy received glowing reviews. Mark Murphy, best torch singer according to the World Who's Who.

armstrongPhysicians, writers, humanitarians and stamp collectors have their Who's Who. Musicians, singers and divas don't. It is hard to believe. Finally, somebody with an alert mind decided to do something about it. And what a brilliant idea it was. And what a service the author of the World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment is rendering to the world community of music and performing arts. Now, divas, entertainers, music and showbiz executives, booking agents, music publishers, venues' proprietors, publicists, critics and the public will have access to and learn what they should learn about all those who entertained us for decades, entered our living rooms, dazzled us on stage and made us fall in love with icons, legends and stars.

It is expected to find in this Who's Who the biography and career highlights of famous stars, artists, composers, songwriters, comedians. Otherwise, the book will not be considered comprehensive and complete. After all, who's who and directories should include those who are known in the field. It is the rule of thumb. Does de Lafayette's Who's Who follow this path? Affirmative. The author walked 10 more miles to include all those who made significant contributions to the world of music and entertainment, regardless of their visibility, name recognition and status.

musicianship"Recognizing others' talents is the primordial duty of an honest historian and a well-informed critic. Household names or obscure but gifted artists have the same rights and are entitled to be recognized by the public. To do so, a responsible writer should not exclusively and constantly write about the rich and the famous. I have a strong medium here to offer those magnificent and unknown talents a maximum exposure. I did. I had to do it. So expect to hear and read about fabulous singers and musicians who were deprived from opportunities to be written up in newspapers and magazines..." said Mr. de Lafayette, author of the Who's Who.

In addition to biographical history of the stars, the author paid homage to distinguished music critics, writers and publishers, such as Frank Dain, Stu Hamstra, Michael Ricci and Gwen Calvier. Buy this book. You will treasure it for years to come.