Raymond Spoon

Building Supervisor

Raymond Spoon
E-MAIL: spoonr@andrews.edu
PHONE: (269) 471-6079

BIOGRAPHY: I was firstborn of 8 children in 1954, at the US naval hospital in Newport, Rhode Island. After graduation, I left the family home at the age of 17, and continued to work on an agriculture and poultry farm in Jaffrey, NH. There on the farm we raised chickens for egg production to be sold at the farm stand and commercial markets. We also grew a variety of vegetables for the farm stand and wholesale market. I also enjoyed the delivery of goods we produced to any of 200 accounts located throughout the New England states. Another favorite job on the farm every fall was the production of fresh apple juice.

Years later, after spending 17 years on the farm, I remarried and went to the Philippines to help pioneer and establish mission work among the indigenous mountain people known as the Palawaan or Palawano on the island of Palawan, Philippines. We had two lovely daughters born to us during this experience whom were very much a part our mission to the Palawano. Another three years were spent in the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea, assisting the Goodson family in the various branches of the work they had established among the Kamea people group of the Gulf Province.

After our mission service, I attended LMC in Benton harbor for 3years in the science field and worked as a carpenter and painter in my part time. Then, after finishing school, I took a job at Andrews Plant Service Dept. to work again as a painter and then carpenter for about three years until the position opened here at the academy as maintenance and custodial supervisor opened.