Rebecca Wright

English Instructor

Rebecca Wright
PHONE: (269) 471-6137

BIOGRAPHY: As an English teacher, Rebecca Wright’s days are filled with the pleasure that comes both from making meaning with and from language, and from assisting developing young minds navigate the intricacies of the written and spoken word, both of which can be challenging. “I consider myself especially blessed to work within a disciplinary area which offers such challenges and stimulation, but also offers rich rewards,” says Wright. In addition to the enjoyment she derives from her work, she also relishes the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the “privileges” that come of being owned by 2 Siamese cats. She also take great pleasure in the production and consumption of most food groups, travel to destinations both foreign and domestic, and reading and viewing all things British.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: National Council of Teachers of English

EDUCATION: BA, MA, Andrews University