Sari Butler

Director of Guidance and Supervising Instructor

Sari Butler
PHONE: (269) 471-3140

BIOGRAPHY: Having attended Adventist schools from the fourth grade on up, it was a natural fit for Sari Butler to continue in Adventist education as a career. She considers it a privilege to be able to work where she can passionately share her core values. As an undergraduate at Andrews University, Butler earned a BA in English, Secondary Education, with minors in behavioral science and religion. Butler began working at Andrews Academy as a Taskforce worker, basically a volunteer position consisting of various projects for the office and substitute teaching. After two years as a Taskforce volunteer, she began teaching a few Bible and English classes. Her position at Andrews Academy was cut short, however, when she and her husband, Jon, moved to Ohio. Years later, and quite by accident since she had no intention of returning to Berrien Springs, Butler was asked to submit her resume for the vacant guidance counselor position at Andrews Academy during the summer of 1998. She now serves as the guidance counselor, teaches Bible classes, and helps lead the biannual SOW Safari mission trip. Mrs. Butler is passionate about teenagers, mission trips, prayer, and serving God in this mission field. She wants to teach students to be in His service, which is, of course, the best way to "restore in man the image of his Maker.”

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Member of Berrien, Cass, VanBuren Counselors Association (BCUBCA)

EDUCATION: BA, MA, Andrews University