Steven Atkins

Biology and Earth Science Instructor

Steven Atkins
PHONE: (269) 471-6179

BIOGRAPHY: Steven Atkins’ interest in biology originates in his childhood. He grew up living in the country and his family did a lot of camping, developing his love of nature. After graduating from college, he was fortunate to be able to turn this love of nature into a career. Atkins really enjoys working with teenagers, and appreciates the numerous opportunities that exist when he can relate spiritual lessons with the topics he teaches. He believes the ultimate goal of Christian education is to help each student choose Christ and apply Christian life principles to their lives. Steven and his wife, Alice, have a son, Ryan, and a daughter, Christiana. He spends time relaxing by cutting and chopping firewood for their wood stove, and enjoys snowmobiling, windsurfing, traveling and reading the “Far Side.”

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Andrews Academy Science Emphasis Program (AASEP)

EDUCATION: BSC, MS, Andrews University