Standard Degree

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While a student may earn a College Preparatory Diploma by meeting the minimum requirements, students serious about college and graduate study are urged to exceed these minimums by taking courses and earning credits in a broad and carefully selected manner. Even though this diploma is the basis on which a student will seek enrollment in the college of his/her choice, it is necessary for the student to be fully aware of the specific entrance requirements for the institution selected. Entrance requirements vary, with some more unique or rigorous than others. It is the student’s responsibility to select the courses and earn the GPA that will support future educational choices.


  • Earn a minimum of 23 units of credit
  • Maintain a 2.0 overall GPA
  • Earn a minimum of 11 units of credit in solid courses—English,modern language, social studies,  science and mathematics (except pre-algebra, and other general math or science courses)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in solid units of credit
  • Pass an English language profeciency test with a satisfactory score (for students whose native language is not English)

A college preparatory student should consider four years of English, two years of a modern language, 2-3 credits of science, 2-3 credits of mathematics, and 2 or more credits of social studies. In doing this the student should consider the Comprehensive Endorsement.

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Departments Required Courses Credits Required
English English I (9th) 1.0
  English II (10th) 1.0
  1-2 semester(s) of composition 0.5
  1-2 semester(s) of literature 0.5
Modern Language Two units may replace one unit of English  
Social Studies U.S. History(11th) 1.0
  U.S. Government (11th or 12th) 0.5
Mathematics Algebra I or equivalent 2.0
Science Biology I or equivalent 2.0
Applied Arts Must include courses from two of the following three areas:
  Business Education
  Home Economics
  Technical Education
Fine Arts (A minimum of one semester of any art or music course; more is recommended. Fine arts credits earned over 2.0 units will not count toward total credits needed for graduation.) 0.1
Physical Education and Health Five semesters of Physical Education 1.5
One semester of Health 0.5
Religion One unit for each year in attendance at an SDA secondary school 4.0
Work Experience 180 total clock hours—requires submission of Work Experience Form signed by work supervisor. 0.5
General Education Electives Enough to make the grand total at least 23 units  
Grand Total Solid units plus General Education units 23