Enrollment Packet (New Students)

The Enrollment Packet is prepared in the Spring with forms for the upcoming school year.  These packets will be available at the Academy office. Please remember that ONLY completed packets will be accepted. ** As you turn in your completed packet, you will be able to choose your locker for next school year.**

The first payment for the school year (1/10th of the total tuition charge) is due on August 3, 2020.  Parents who need to make special financial arrangements should email the Student Accounts Business Manager at gaytan@andrews.edu to make an appointment to discuss finances.

New Student Enrollment Checklist

Step One: Application

Apply Now

  • This needs to be completed by a parent.

Financial Agreement

  • The Financial Agreement form must be signed by our Student Accounts Manager, Gracie Gaytan, before the packet is considered complete. As soon as possible, please make an appointment for your family to meet with Gracie (gaytan@andrews.edu) to complete the financial agreement. She will be taking appointments for new students beginning May 1.
  • Schedule of Fees
  • Schedule of Fees - International Students

Recommendation Forms

  • Two forms need to be completed by a teacher and a pastor/pathfinder leader.
  • Recommendation Form


Step Two: Enrollment

New Student Enrollment Checklist

  • This form must be returned with your completed packets.


  • Please note this portion of enrollment is done online. The directions should be emailed to you after your application is accepted. Please note that a verification email of completion will be sent to you when you have completed this step.

Medical Insurance Card

  • Please upload a medical insurance card (front & back - jpeg format only) when completing online enrollment OR bring the medical insurance card to the office to upload.

Health Appraisal, Immunizations, and Immunization Disclosure

Birth Certificate or Passport

  • Please provide a copy of one of the following: birth certificate, passport, or driver's license.


Step Three: Class Schedule

Freshman Class Schedule

  • Please circle the classes you want. It is recommended that you seek counsel from Ms. Ivonne, our Registrar, as you plan your classes. Please take special care to notice that some classes are designated for upperclassmen only and/or have pre-requisites (these classes are not listed on the freshman schedule).
  • This schedule requires a parent's signature, and certain classes need instructor signatures. Please note that all efforts will be made to give you the classes you selected. However, there are times that adjustments will need to be made when classes fill up.
  • Credit Worksheets for College Preparatory & General Curriculum Diplomas



AA 2020-21 Year-at-a-Glance

AA Uniform Policy

AU Campus Safety & Food Service

  • During the school year, campus parking requires registration with the Andrews University Campus Safety department (269-471-3321).
  • School Lunch and Subsidized Lunch Program (free/reduced meals) must be arranged with Andrews University Dining Services (269-471-3161).

AU ID Card

  • Please make sure you bring your AU ID card to Check-In Day on Monday, August 17, 2020.

Land's End Academic Attire