Andrews Visits You

We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact an Enrollment Counselor. 

North American Division Adventist Academy Events

Date Time Event Location Enrollment Counselor
                                                                       Finalizing 2019 Events: Please check back later                                                                                                                                

Lake Union Conference Adventist School Events

Date Time Event Location Enrollment Counselor
February 12, 2019   Great Lakes Adventist Academy Cedar Lake, MI  
March 4, 2019   Grand Rapids Adventist Academy Grand Rapids, MI  
March 4, 2019   Wisconsin Academy Columbus, WI  
March 5, 2019   Hinsdale Academy Hinsdale, IN  
March 6, 2019   Battle Creek Academy Battle Creek, MI  
March 6, 2019   Peterson-Warren Academy Inkster, MI  
March 6, 2019   Indiana Academy Cicero, IN  
March 8, 2019   Andrews Academy Berrien Springs, MI  

Public High School & Private School Events

Date                                              Time         Event                                                                                          Location   Enrollment Counselor                    
April 24, 2019 6:00 pm Hinsdale District 86 Hinsdale Central High School Steve Suinda

Transfer Student Events

Date                                  Time     Event Location                                   Enrollment Counselor           
    Finalizing 2018 Events: Please check back later.