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UNIVERSITY TOWERS - Stu-Reg Univ Towers Custodian

Job Classification


Position summary

Must be responsible to work independently, and in teams, to physically clean the University Towers building, all student rooms and apartments, as directed by supervisor and assistant supervisor.

This person should have an out-going personality with a service-minded character of putting others first. 

Employees are needed and scheduled Sundays-Fridays and holidays. Schedules will be set by supervisor as coordinated with students' schedules, needs, and requests.

Qualifications summary

Must be at least 18 years old,  have an eye for detail and be motivated to work quickly and diligently even when working alone.

Must be trustworthy and have integrity to complete tasks to the standard of cleanliness required. Should have some cleaning/custodial work experience.

Must be able to be in communication with supervisor while working (may use just one earbud, if desired).

Helpful to have a U.S.A. issued Driver's License in case of golf cart usage.

Duties and responsibilities

Duties will include working with chemicals and machines Sunday-Friday to clean rooms, lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, floors, stairs, windows, appliances, and carpets all over the building.

Summer semester also includes "deep cleaning" all dorm rooms and apartments at University Towers, as well as repeatedly cleaning and setting up guestrooms quickly, and doing laundry on a regular basis. 


Supervisory responsibilities

Occassionally will be asked to help new students perform jobs. 

Possible supervisory assignments to be determined as needed at a later date.


Must have an eye for cleanliness and detail to notice when something needs more attention than normal, and a willingness to attend to it.

Must be meticulous in communicating to supervisor and whole team that jobs have been completed, either by filling in a posted checklist, or in guest room situations, by marking work complete on the computer.

Technical competencies

Must be willing and capable to learn to mark rooms clean on the computer, and check the computer for additional information regarding guest rooms.

Interpersonal interactions

Must be comfortable interacting with guests, residents, and staff of the building, working in teams or alone, and taking instruction from other co-workers functioning in a supervisory capacity.

Physical demands

Must be able to move quickly, lift 30 pounds, lift, carry, or fold laundry, push/pull small machines, have full range of motion in all limbs, navigate stairs, and do physical labor through-out entire shift.

Work environment

We cannot negatively impact our guests, residents, or business  conducted in the lobby when we clean and run machines. Some duties will be time-sensitive for that reason.