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BOOKSTORE - Asst Mgr Bookstore

Job Classification

  Salaried Full-time (75-100%)

Position summary

The Assistant Store Manager (ASM) will report directly to the Store Manager (SM). The ASM is responsible for being knowledgeable about all store systems, procedures and department responsibilities, supporting the SM with the store operations. ASM demonstrates knowledge of the bookseller industry and performs duties as the business demands.

Qualifications summary

The ASM is instrumentntal in helping to drive sales throughout the entire store, manging and accomplishing multiple projects simultaneously to ensure the proper execution of the workload.

Must demonstrate a calm demeanor and manages issues appropriately and with respect, setting a positive example to the store team.

An ASM should have at least three years of retail management experience.

Duties and responsibilities

Works with the store manager on store sales, gross margin, payroll, expenses, net income and inventory.

May be responsible for receiving and/or buying merchandise for one or more departments in the store.

Delivers positive financial results through efficient execution of initiatives.

Develops and shares an expertise on digital hardware and resources and ensures that all booksellers are knowledgeable regarding digital items and services the bookstore offers.

May also be responsible for bookseller scheduling.


Supervisory responsibilities

Manages and executes the daily operations of the store in partnership with the store manager.

Help the store manager with bookseller performance by providing positive  and constructive feedback of the booksellers to the store manager, to help ensure that the work environment is positive and productive. 




ASM should demonstrate knowledge of the bookseller industry, delegating and performing duties as the business demands, ensuring consistency with our booksellering culture and maximizing sales by operating a well-merchandised bookstore.

An ASM should have at least three years of retail management experience.

ASM's are expected to work a majority of the time on the selling floor, which requires physical activity. Flexibility in scheduling is necessary.

ASM's must comply at all times with Company Standards, Policies and the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Technical competencies

As an AMS you should have an advanced knowledge of computers and of Microsoft Office. Have prior experience with Point-of-Sale (POS) software, and a familiarity of operating cash registers. To be knowledgeaable of store systems and operations.

Interpersonal interactions

Must be able to interact with students, faculty and staff, making sure their needs are met, dealing with all levels of issues.Must provide outstanding customer service to the academic and co-curricular community.

Physical demands

ASM's are expected to work a majority of the time on the selling floor, which requires physical activity such as standing for long periods of time.

There is heavy lifting required when shippments of books come in  and when the book returns are shipped out.


Work environment

Retail sales environment, working with Faculty and Staff as well as students. Ordering, Receiving, Shipping, heavy lifting, stocking shelves, cashiering, walking, and standing for long periods of time.