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OISI - SED Website Coordinator

Job Classification


Position summary

The School of Education is in need of a student worker to monitor and make occasional changes to its main website page.  We also need someone to work closely with IMC and monitor/create a facebook account and post content to it as well.  We are looking for someone that is creative and a self-starter / independent worker. 

Qualifications summary

Familiar with facebook and twitter as well as other technology

Familiar working with a camera and posting content

Familiar with creating/ updating website content

willingness to work with IMC/Campus wide guidelines for posting content

Independent worker and good work ethic

Duties and responsibilities


Supervisory responsibilities



Good Business sense, Good computer skills, familiar with facebook, twitter and instagram.  Familiar with Website creation and maintenance.  A good eye for a well designed website.  Organized and dedicated - forward thinker

Technical competencies

familiar with word and excel, working a digital camera and uploading

Interpersonal interactions


Physical demands

None really

Work environment

Many times this work is done remotely - or wherever you can sit with a computer - it is better if you have a laptop of your own available to do most of the computer work.