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DAIRY - Stu-Serv/Maint Reg Dairy

Job Classification


Position summary

Full-time Student.

Assist the shift supervisor in bringing in and milking the cows at the AU Dairy.

Qualifications summary

Willing to work some weekends (including Sabbath). Have a good attitude. Have good time-management. Follow the lead milker's promptings. Be a team player. Physically work 5-6 hour shifts (mostly standing). Pay attention to detail. Good health. Good communication skills are a must.

Duties and responsibilities

clean lots (which involves shoveling) as you bring in cows to be milked.

assist the shift supervisor in the milking procedure.

assist the others in the parlor clean up after milking is done.

learn & follow procedure taught to you by the trainer.

Supervisory responsibilities

the assistant herdsman will train the new person in the porper procedure in the milking parlor and out in the lots.

make sure shifts are running smoothly.


speaks and understands English. ability to stand and work for 5-6 hours.

keeping eyes/ears open for issues that could arise in the parlor. (squeaky or loose milking machines)


Technical competencies

able to read and understand the electronic charts on each cow in the parlor.

Interpersonal interactions

must have good communication skills and be a team player. having a good attitude is very important.

Physical demands

must be able to bend and shovel.

Physically stand for 5-6 hours

some lifting required (luckily not cows)  :)


Work environment

parlor is fairly quiet (especially in winter when no fans are running).

lots do get cold and floors slippery so caution is needed. (we use salt)