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Job Classification


Position summary

The Graduate Assistant for the Undergraduate Leadership programs functions as a defacto Assistant Director/Office Manager.  The GA coaches students, teaches short courses, and helps with the day to day running of the program, including digital design and social media posts.

Qualifications summary

Organizer, Planner, Self-starter, Creative, Must have desire and ability  to invest in and mentor undergraduate students, Able to write well and edit well, Able to design promotional materials (Typically on Canva), 



Duties and responsibilities

1.  Adminstrative Assistant:  Help to keep office clean and organized.  Maintain office coverage at front desk. Write and send out newsletters or communication to and with ULEAD students.  Take minutes during ULEAD council.  Manage book adoptions.  Make physical plant job requests as needed.  Provide scheduling support and calendar maintenence for the director and program. Help with editing and creating advertising and social media posts.

2.  Customer Service Representative: Be prepared to respond to questions about the program.  Be able to explain the courses required for a student to complete a certificate or minor.  

3.  Event Planning:  The program has several important events through the academic year.  A successful candidate will be able to help plan and run these events and will help to create and adhere to the master schedule for the planning process.

4.  Lead 200 Coach:  As a LEAD 200 coach the GA helps student groups the ask good accountability questions, supports individual student goals, helps to advise student class work and 

Supervisory responsibilities

The GA supervises the office and office coverage.  Helps to supervise events and LEAD 200 meetings.  


The desired qualifications include but are not limited to:

1.  An ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing.

2.  Ability to design posters, advertisements, schedules, etc... as needed.

3.  Creative Problem solving skills/fluid reasoning

4.  Ability to run and manage our social media accounts

5.  Teaching ability/experience



Technical competencies


Interpersonal interactions


Physical demands

  Be able to carry 20 pounds in case mailing things to the post office.

Work environment