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WELLNESS CENTER - Custodial Assistant

Job Classification


Position summary

Custodial Assistant: Applicant must be a current student at Andrews University and would be responsible for cleaning the facility. Duties would include cleaning restrooms, locker rooms, fitness floors, classrooms, and lobby. This may include the need to be trained on the use of cleaninng machines and would include the use of cleaning chemicals. General cleaning skills and a willingness to be trained are all that is required. 

Qualifications summary

Willing to be trained and willing to work. Must be dependable.

Duties and responsibilities

General cleaning. Vacuuming, mopping, disenfecting, etc.

Supervisory responsibilities



Must be a team player and have a willing spirit.

Technical competencies


Interpersonal interactions


Physical demands

Must be able to Wear and use a backpack vacuum. 

Work environment

The Andreasen Center for Wellness is a quite peaceful environment. Some of the shifts will be after hours as well.