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CENTER-READING LEARNING ASSESSMENT - Orton Gilling-ham reading tutor

Job Classification


Position summary

The Orton-Gillingham based Multisensory Approach is is a specialized way of teaching reading to individuals with reading and learning problems.

Qualifications summary

English is your first language.

You love to work with individuals who have learning challenges.

You will do training in your own time before you will be hired.

You are willing to include other responsibilities than just teaching

Duties and responsibilities

keep your student occupied and engaged with the lesson.

Always keep an eye on your student


Supervisory responsibilities



Be a current student at Andrews University.

Train and be confident teaching the OrtonGillingham based Multi-sensory Reading and Spelling System.

Technical competencies

Use of the computer and its applications

Interpersonal interactions

Be pleasant, favorable and approachable. Showing kindness and Christlikeness to who ever you interact with.

Physical demands

No physical demands

Work environment

The environment is quiet with very low noise levels.