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ATHLETICS - Womens Soccer Coach - Temp

Job Classification

  Temporary Part-time

Position summary

Head Coach of the Andrews University Women's Cardinal Soccer team

Qualifications summary

Previous successful soccer coaching role at a high school level or higher
History of positive mentoring and coaching of young adults 
History of successful leadership working with female athletics
Passion for Discipling others to Jesus

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Duties and responsibilities

Responsible for planning tryouts, executing tryouts and selecting the team in callaboration with the assistant coaches and other departmental staff as necessary.
Responsible for all aspects of planning practices, organizing the team, assigning roles on the team, developing a family atmosphere within the team.
Responsible for defining minimal requirements for membership of the team in harmony with all USCAA and Andrews University policies
Responsible to be at all games both home and away and ensuring that the entire team follows department policy related to game attendance and participation
Responsible to encourage the importance of academic focus and success to all team members
Must be able to drive a school van/vehicle to and from games as needed

Supervisory responsibilities

Responsible to supervise the soccer team in all aspects, including but not limited to: tryouts, practice, games, travel (including overnight) as scheduled by the athletic department personnel


A deep understanding of:  the game of soccer; skills needed to be successful in collegiate soccer; strategies and drills needed to help increase individual understanding and performance.
The ability to lead individuals and motivate them to work towards specific improvement related goals
The ability to motivate team members to become focused on acheiving team related goals.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Technical competencies

Ability to communicate well, orally, in written form and through relevant current electronic modes
An understanding of basic computer skills needed to run an organized program and communicate effectively with the team members, departmental staff and opposing coaches or schools as needed

Interpersonal interactions

Must be passionate about leading a group of athletes through the challenges and joy of developing as a team, competing with others, winning with humility and losing with class and most importatnly growing with Christ

Physical demands

Must be able to stand on feet for long periods of time
Must be able to endure hot temperatures, cold temperatures and all kinds of weather in an outdoor setting 
Must be able to lift 50 pounds
Must be able to move quickly and demonstrate/facilitate athletic manuevers as needed
Must be able to drive vans or other larger vehicles

Work environment

Outdoor work with harsh weather conditions at times
Often very loud noise levels for extended periods of times during both practice, games and travel