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ACADEMY GENERAL - Substitute Teacher I - AA

Job Classification

  Hourly Under Half (<20)

Position summary

Looking for mature adults who can supervise high-school students during study halls and when a regular teacher must be out.

Qualifications summary

Must be able to follow lesson plans left and have some classroom management skills to maintain classroom order.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Duties and responsibilities

Supervise students for 50 minute class periods. Some class periods will be for a study hall setting, other classes may require you to follow minimal lesson plans. Substitue teacher/study hall supervisor must be willing to enforce school policies and behave professionally in dress and beavior. Must be able to represent the standards of our church and school both on compus and off. 

Supervisory responsibilities

See above.


Must be able to speak English, take attendance, read and follow lesson plans left by teacher, and mange a classroom full of students.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Technical competencies

Computer literate and has good class rom management skills

Interpersonal interactions

Must be comfortable interacting with students in a supervisory role.

Physical demands

Stand, sit, and speak to students in a supervisory manner.

Work environment

Classroom setting.