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HIGHER EDUCATION - Grad Assist - SDE Instructional Facilitator

Job Classification

  Student Graduate Asst-Hourly

Position summary

Instructional Facilitators (IFs) working in DLiT shepherd the course development process for assigned faculty members who are teaching online or blended courses. The position is open to graduate students, and working in the DLiT Office onsite is essential. IFs provide highly skilled professional instructional design support for faculty, following the specified course development steps. Instructional Facilitators report to the DLiT Director and meet regularly with the rest of the Online Course Development Team. Position can be worked remotely if applicable.

Qualifications summary

Duties and responsibilities

Supervisory responsibilities



Technical competencies

Interpersonal interactions

Physical demands

Must be able to focus on a computer screen for length of time

Work environment

The Department of Digital Learning and Instructional Technology is a fast-paced, collaborative work environment. We are always learning from each other, sharing ideas, giving feedback, and celebrating successes. The DLiT office is a semi-open space with moderate noise. Customers come and go, receiving assistance from multiple team members. Multiple meetings with customers may occur in a semi-open space at the same time.