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Job Classification


Position summary

Work hours are flexible, as coordinated by the supervisor or assistant, according to your availability.  We can work independently or in teams, to physically clean and set up 23 guest rooms, clean two guest buildings, and process all guest linen laundry.

We clean and service rooms every Sunday through Friday as needed, when there are guests to serve.  The bulk of the room cleaning work usually happens between 11am Check-Out time and 5 pm Check-In time, but laundry processing can be earlier or later.  Sundays, Mondays and Fridays are often heaviest guest check-out days.

Qualifications summary

Must be at least 18 years old, be motivated to work quickly, and be trustworthy to complete tasks to the standard of cleanliness required.

Must be reliable in communicating that your tasks have been completed.

Cleaning work experience is a plus.  A valid US Driver’s License is helpful, to drive a golf cart,

Duties and responsibilities

Duties will include working with chemicals and machines to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Areas you might work on could include: guest rooms, hallways, bathrooms, lobby, conference room, kitchen, floors, windows, doors, stairs, laundry, appliances, or trash.

This work is based on the numbers of guests occupying our spaces  and will fluctuate from day to day.  Every effort will be made on the part of the supervisor to predict our team's need to work, but guest loads can fluctuate, and we do our best to be responsive to changing needs.

The same amount of work will not be needed every day.  That is why we have a whole team to draw upon according to their own availability.



Supervisory responsibilities

May occasssionally help train in new employees or supervise a team, if qualified to do so, and if asked to do so.


  1. Attention to detail, thoroughness, and an eye for cleanliness is a plus.

  2. Reliabilitiy to report to work when you have said that you will. 

  3. Must be able to be in communication with the supervisor via text or other communication platform, and be responsive to supervisor or assistant's communications. 

Technical competencies

Ability to be communicative with supervisor, assistant, or other team members.

Interpersonal interactions

  1. Willingness to speak and communicate in English.

  2. Ability to take instruction from other co-workers who may be functioning in a supervisory capacity.

  3. Friendliness and helpfullness necessary if you see guests while working.

Physical demands

  1. Must be able to bend, twist, and possibly work on hands and knees, to perform cleaning duties

  2. Must be able to move quickly, lift, carry up-to 20lbs on a regular basis, fold laundry, push/pull small machines, have full range of motion in limbs, navigate stairs, and do physical labor through-out your shift.

Work environment

Strive to maintain a quiet, orderly, peaceful guest hallway while working so guests and employees can pass through. Some duties may be time-sensitive for that reason.