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Job Classification

  Fac K12 10-Mo (88%-92%)

Position summary

Certified, enthusiastic, empathetic, innovative teacher to teach all subjects at the Kindergarten grade level and perform all supervisory and extracurricular responsibilities expected of a full-time classroom teacher.

Qualifications summary

To perform the job successfully candidates must have minimum qualifications of a Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education, current NAD and MI State certification or be eligible to obtain both, and excellent references supporting their experiences working with K- 2nd graders. Candidates must demonstrate competence in the core & STEM subjects,be willing to expand their knowledge and professional skills, demonstrate collegiality, have a passion for engaging and motivating students to achieve their highest potential.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Duties and responsibilities

Supervisory responsibilities

This position requires supervision of various in and out of classroom activities. Student health and safety is essential. Careful plans must be made and implemented for adequate supervision from the time employee receives them at school until the time they are released to parents. The basic rule is that children must be within sight of an employee or have been given permission to be out of the adult’s presence for a specific and prudent purpose.


To perform this job successfully, candidates must have the minimum qualifications of a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, current NAD denominational and MI State certification, or be eligible to obtain both. Must be committed to Adventist Education, with a passion for service and sharing the love of Jesus with students and the community, while inspiring heads, hearts, and hands toward excellence.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Technical competencies

Must be competent in the use of a computer/laptop, overhead projector, digital and document cameras, as well as demonstrate proficiency in basic computer skills required for managing a successful elementary classroom, including but not limited to skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database, web navigation, web site design, electronic presentation, and email management. Employee must understand the changing nature of technology, be ready to keep with the changes, and able to effectively integrate relevant technology in the classroom to inspire and advance student learning.

Interpersonal interactions

Physical demands

The job requires a full range of body motion including sitting, standing, balancing, kneeling, crouching, walking, stooping, lifting objects up to 25 pounds, and reaching cupboards, cabinets, bulletin and chalk boards, and keyboard use/repetitive hand motion. The job also requires good hearing and vision adequate for assigned responsibilities.

Work environment

The employee is subject to working in a generally well-lighted and ventilated classroom environment approximately 85% of the time while the remainder of the time is spent teaching or supervising students outside, in the gymnasium, on field trips, etc.