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Job Classification


Position summary

Wash Bay: Assist AU mechanics with the up keep of Andrews Transportation fleet and stock materials. 


Qualifications summary

All applicants must apply online.

Must be a registered Andrews student and be 18+ years old and have a valid drivers license. 


Duties and responsibilities

Wash Bay:  Applicant will clean/fuel and perform simple auto maintenance for all AU Transportation vehicles.  Applicant will help to stock auto parts and garage materials.  Applicant can expect to assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the AU garage.  

Work schedule is flexible and hours can/will vary.

Supervisory responsibilities



MUST BE an Andrews student

AT LEAST 18+ years of age

Have a U.S. Drivers License

Must be able to communicate well in English verbally and via text/emails.

Able to stand for long periods of time.

Able to lift up to 50lbs.



Technical competencies

Communicate via text/email.


Interpersonal interactions

Must be able to communicate well verbally with customers and Transportation workers.  Must be able to complete jobs without needing to be overseen at all times and prioritize job tasks as situations change.  Must be able to solve problems and network with other university departments. 

Physical demands

Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time.

Must be able to bend, kneel, crawl around vehicles.

Must be able to lift 50lbs plus and work with large tools.

Must be able to lift tools, heavy items onto shelves or overhead.

Work environment

Noise from vehicles and heavy equipment present at all times.

The use of gas, oils and chemicals in the shop can cause some fumes/smells that are common to vehicle repair.

Floors and shop environment can be dirty or wet at any time.

Able to tolerate occasional cold or hot seasonal weather conditions.