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Job Classification


Position summary

Electronics assembly.  No previous experience needed, will train.  

Physics Enterprises produces and sells equipment for physics teachers.  Students work during regular office hours doing assembly that includes soldering, hardware assembly, circuitboard testing, packaging and some gluing.  

Qualifications summary

Lift 20 lbs

NEAT, orderly, on time, focused, etc.

Duties and responsibilities

Students will report to supervisor at beginning of shift for daily instructions.  Assembly includes building, calibrating, testing and packaging 10lb force plates for sale to customer.   Training will be given for safe soldering and handling of equipment including drills, ovens and carts.  

Supervisory responsibilities



Must be able to give close attention to detail and follow instructions.

Technical competencies


Interpersonal interactions

Text me

Physical demands

Lift 20 lbs, sit for 2 hours at a time, fine motor tasks will require care to keep from fatiguing.

Work environment

Office and laboratory.  Constant but low level noise, no windows (take breaks!)