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Job Classification


Position summary

Must train in Orton Gillingham-based Multi-sensory Reading Intervention

Must be an original US Born English Speaker

Qualifications summary

Have training in Orton Gillingham-based multi-sensory reading intervention

Patient, and willing to work with individuals with learning challenges.

willing to learn, and adjust when asked to change strategies or methods

Flexible schedule, prompt and consistent in attendance to scheduled work times

Duties and responsibilities

Teach students with learning disabilities in reading

Teach students with ADHD 

Teach students who are learning challenged

Teach math 

Friendly, and easy to get along with others


Supervisory responsibilities

Be aware of your student's whereabouts

Engage the student and obtain eye to eye contact

Be firm but kind


US Born English Language Speaker

Good with typing, filing, answering phone calls, data entry, lesson planning

Willing to do other duties other than teaching

Technical competencies

Competency in Word documents

Competency in the use of technology

Presentations, and powerpoint, bulletin boards, excel, etc.

Interpersonal interactions

Friendly, personable, willing to learn and adjust.

Be willing for parents to sit in during lesson sessions

Physical demands


Work environment