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UNIVERSITY PRESS - Shipping Assistant

Job Classification


Position summary

The Shipping Assistant, under supervision, manages all clerical data entry and physical process and inventory for shipping and receiving the products produced by Andrews University Press. The job requires a very high level of attention to detail, accuracy in data entry, organizational skill and ability to learn and use standard shipping software. Because of the knowledge base that must mastered over time to learn the job, a successful applicant will give indication of being willing to hold the job for two or three years. Preference will be given to applicants who will be able to work during usual academic breaks.

Qualifications summary

Ability to lift and carry boxes up to 50 lbs.

Duties and responsibilities

Mow lawn in the summer

Supervisory responsibilities



Technical competencies


Interpersonal interactions

Must be able to communicate regularly with office staff

Must be able to work collegially with other immediate associates

Physical demands

Must be in good physical shape

Work environment

Pleasant, quiet work environment