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Job Classification

  Hourly Full-time (35-40)

Position summary

This office leader works with faculty, staff and graduate assistants to improve general office organization and services to on-campus and online graduate programs. This person manage meeting minutes and follow up these decisions, communicate with prospective and existing program participants, supervise Graduate Assistants and facilitate department online and social media communication. They will support assessment processes and engage in other duties related to department mission and vision.

Qualifications summary

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Duties and responsibilities

Department and Program Communication

1. Manages the department online and social media footprint.

2. Facilitate responses to incoming department mail, email and voice mail

3. Coordinate internal communication processes for improved application and information about program and bulletin changes

4. Composes and delivers "group mailings" for participants and faculty

5. Prepares posters, announcements, news releases for various events


Facilitate Department and Program Meetings and Records

1. Schedules and support preparation of and running of department and program meetings.

2. Prepare and maintain departmental and program minutes.   

3. Facilitate bulletin and web changes from department and program meetings

4. Support Handbook changes and communication

Support Participants

1. Maintains database for recruitment, participants and alumni and facilitate communication with these three groups.

2. Organizes program participant documentation and records

3. Uses various software applications and dashboard management to help faculty and participants stay connected in the learning and feedback processes, and to capture assessment data. 

4. Provides support for registration activities.

5. Helps troubleshoot application, registration, and financial services to participants

Supports Marketing and Recruitment

1. Supports recruitment initiatives to new markets

2. Works with potential and new applicants by email, letters, brochures, calls, etc.

3. Supports department collaboration initiatives with on-campus and community partners

4. Prepares and presents at various program fairs/booths/advertizing.

 Related Office Organization

1. Evaluates needs and initiates requests for equipment repair, building and equipment needs.

2. Maintains clean and orderly work environment  


3. Maintains bulletin boards and digital displays.

Supervisory responsibilities

Supervises and directs department’s student employees.


Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Technical competencies


Interpersonal interactions

Ability to work in teams and collaborate with others is essential.

Ability to communicate well  with others (both in listening and verbal communication) is crucial

Physical demands

Some minor lifting of files folders and boxes of 15-25 lbs may be needed.

Work environment

Primarily in an office and classroom environment with some minor local travel needed