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MEIER HALL - Office Mgr Men's Dorm

Job Classification

  Hourly Full-time (35-40)

Position summary

The Office Manager position at Meier Hall provides a positive atmosphere for residents and parents to ask questions, and receive help as they transition into college life. It is a two-part position, as the candidate chosen will be overseeing all office policies and procedures, as well as assigning housing to residents.

Qualifications summary

Customer service is a top priority. This is home away from home for our residents, and they should be treated respectfully, and made to feel comfortable.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Duties and responsibilities

The Office Manager submits payroll for student workers and staff at Meier Hall, assigns residents to their room, works with Accounts Payable to pay bills and budget finances, as well as answering phone calls and sending emails as needed. This person touches base with people all across campus for different reasons and resources. The candidate chosen may also assist the Head Dean and two Assistant Deans with any projects that they develop.

Other duties as assigned by the Dean of Men

Supervisory responsibilities

The Office Manager provides assistance to other employees in the building, as well as managing two Housing Assistants, who are student workers.


Basic office knowledge is required. The candidate chosen must know the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as have an understanding of office equipment. Organization is key for any office position, as you balance many different tasks regularly.

Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

Technical competencies

Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite is required, as well as performing well with the Microsoft Outlook Exchange email system.

Interpersonal interactions

This position requires someone who can be available mentally and spiritually for the residents, as they struggle with various aspects of adjusting to college life.

Physical demands

This position does not consist of much lifting. Only special occasions where you may purchase a large box of office paper, or pull out the holiday decorations.

Work environment

The beginning and the end of each semester can be extrememly busy and requires someone who is able to balance priorities. The rest of the year is used to plan ahead, and maintain.