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Job Classification

  Hourly Full-time (35-40)

Position summary

This position includes assisting the Graduate Program Director with maintaining the academic information of MBA & MSA students, both prospective and current, as well as helping to resolve issues that may arise regarding a student’s academic progress.  It also includes secretarial duties for the Department of Management/Marketing/Information Systems. 

Qualifications summary

Duties and responsibilities


  1. Manages all departmental functions (phone, mail, email, voicemail) and maintains departmental files

  2. Greets visitors to the department, determines their needs and directs them to appropriate personnel

  3. Receives cash from Computer Lab sales and maintains petty cash fund


  1. Replenishes printer paper (every other day)

  2. Maintains a list of undergraduate and graduate prospective students (weekly)

  3. Checks for time changes, approves time changes, and submits time for COMPUTER LAB CONSULTANTS and SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS (weekly)

  4. Reconciles petty cash fund and submits deposits to the CASHIER (twice per month)

  5. Maintains a list of student Computer Lab printing charges and submits charges to the Financial Records office (twice per month)

  6. Checks graduate student progress toward degree completion and notifies GRADUATE PROGRAM DIRECTOR of unmet prerequisites, missing transcripts, and low grades (each semester)

  7. Initiates graduate student graduation applications and advancement to candidacy forms for students who qualify (each semester)

  8. Contacts MBA/MSA students to remind them of their provisional status which include prerequisite deficiencies, unmet GMAT requirements, etc. (each semester)

  9. Calculates amount of scholarship money each graduate student will receive and emails or submits signed scholarship forms to Student Financial Services (each semester)

  10. Maintains files of undergraduate and graduate students who have graduated (each semester)


  1. Corresponds with and maintains contact with current and prospective students

  2. Resolves minor problems encountered by graduate students, or refers students to the GRADUATE PROGRAMS DIRECTOR

  3. Maintains academic records and spreadsheet for MBA & MSA programs. Keeps records on prospective students. Prepares acceptance letters for newly accepted MBA/MSA students and creates a file for each.

  4. Receives GMAT score reports, files reports, and starts process to do a Change of Status for the student, if needed

  5. Assists PROGRAM COORDINATOR and departmental faculty with testing, correspondence, editing, photocopying, and other tasks when requested

  6. Plans, organizes, and implements special events and functions for the School of Business Administration when requested

  7. Confers with Information Technology Services regarding issues with telephones or the timeclock 

  8. Assists BUILDING MANAGER with emergency drills and other building issues when requested

  9. Requests missing transcripts, GMAT scores, recommendations, or other admissions documents from the Graduate Enrollment Management Office to complete advising folders for SBA graduate students

  10. Orders, replenishes, and dispenses departmental supplies and forms

  11. Places and picks up orders for paper, envelopes, flyers, and other items at Lithotech

  12. Creates files for new graduate students and maintains student spreadsheet

  13. Assists TOUR DIRECTOR with paperwork and booking flights for School of Business Administration study tours when requested

  14. May confer with Plant Services regarding issues with building maintenance and repair 

  15. Collects unneeded textbooks and transports them to the James White Library (SAIL)

Expected Results

  1. Regularly updates student files (most current information)

  2. Accurately maintains all academic records (very precise, no errors)

  3. Completes all reports on time (never late)

  4. Maintains regular contact with each current and prospective graduate student

  5. Keeps GRADUATE PROGRAMS DIRECTOR informed of any potential problems or developing issues faced by graduate students in the School of Business Administration

Supervisory responsibilities

May supervise one or two part-time student employees, and oversees the weekly labor reports for 6-8 student workers employed in the MMIS Department and/or the Computer Lab.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required, to perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
1-2 years of university-level education required, with a degree preferred. 
At least 1 year of previous university office experience is required.
Demonstrates strong skills in the use of word processing, email, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, databases and other computer applications.
Reads and interprets documents such as transcripts, bulletins, schedules, and academic documents.  Writes letters and correspondence that are grammatically correct and numerically accurate.  Speaks effectively to groups of students, customers or employees.   Interacts successfully with people from diverse cultures.   Has frequent visitors from outside and within the organization.
Calculates amounts such as discounts, proportions, percentages, and grade point averages.   Determines scholarship awards for students.  Precision and accuracy with all things numerical is essential.
Reads and interprets transcripts, academic documents, and e-mail messages.   Solves practical problems and deals with situations where only limited standardization exists.   Interprets a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

Technical competencies

Equipment/Tools/Software Used

  1. Computer

  2. Printer

  3. Photocopier

  4. Telephone

  5. Fax machine

  6. Calculator

  7. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  8. Adobe Acrobat

  9. Banner/Redwood/iVue/preVue

Interpersonal interactions

Coordinating Relationships

  1. Maintains regular contact with GRADUATE PROGRAMS DIRECTOR on all matters regarding current and prospective graduate students

  2. Confers with GRADUATE ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR, GRADUATE ADMISSIONS SPECIALIST, or DIRECTOR of Graduate Enrollment Management regarding files and information about prospective or current applicants for SBA graduate programs

  3. Confers with the ASSISTANT REGISTRAR FOR GRADUATE PROGRAMS concerning registration and graduation matters for SBA undergraduate and graduate students

  4. Refers graduate student inquiries to an appropriate STUDENT FINANCIAL ADVISOR in the Student Financial Services office for advice on loans, financing, and repayment schedules

  5. Seeks information from the DIRECTOR or INTERNATIONAL ADVISOR in the International Student Services office to clarify visa or immigration issues faced by prospective or current graduate students when requested

  6. Consults the DIRECTOR of Student Success with concerns about advising undergraduate students  

Physical demands

While performing the duties of this job, the employee frequently sits and uses hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard and answer the phone.  Occasionally required to stand, walk, and carry objects with hands and arms.  Occasionally lifts and moves water bottles weighing up to 40 pounds.  Regular visual demands include close vision work with a computer monitor.

Work environment

Open office design allows noise to be a disturbing factor.  Work space is well-lit, but computer work may cause eye or wrist strain with prolonged activity.