Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cardinals Win USCAA Men's Division II Basketball National Championship

Berrien Springs, Mich.—The Andrews University Cardinals won the USCAA Men’s Division II Basketball National Championship for the second consecutive year on March 10, 2012.  The third-seed Cardinals successfully defended their title from the Berkeley College-New York Knights. Although they trailed in the first half, the Cardinals captured and retained the lead after an 11-2 run in the second half of the game. All-American Tyler Wooldridge was the lead scorer with 28 points followed by All-American Jerome Murray with 18 points to beat the Knights 72-58.

“This has been an unbelievable year for us,” says Dave Jardine, director of Student Activities & Athletics and the Cardinal’s head coach. “I’m so proud of these guys and the way they represent our institution. They truly are a blessing from God.”

The championship was held in Uniontown, Penn., from March 8–10. The Cardinals advanced to the semifinals after defeating Eastern Maine on March 8. All-American Honorable Mention Matthew Little led the scoring with 32 points while All-American Tyler Wooldridge added 22 points for a final score of 99-47.

In the semifinals the Cardinals competed against St. Joseph’s (Vt.) on March 9. Although they were losing 43-34 to St. Joseph with 9:41 remaining on the clock, the Cardinals took the lead with a 14-0 run and maintained their lead for the remainder of the game. The top scorer of the game was All-American Jerome Murray, who earned 17 points and 16 rebounds during the game. All-American Tyler Wooldridge made 15 points to add to a close finish with a final score of 55-52.

The United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) was founded as the National Little College Athletic Association (NLCAA) in 1966 and reorganized as the USCAA in 2001. Its goal is to allow the athletes of smaller colleges and universities to have the same opportunities in equal regional and national competition as the athletes of larger institutions of higher learning.  The USCAA regularly hold national championships, honor student athletes, award All-American titles, and promote their member institutions. Currently it has 82 members in 24 states.



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