New Student Orientation

   Andrews Homepage: Disabled Features | Posted on August 5, 2019

School is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Andrews for the next step in your educational journey! We’ve prepared an entire week of activities, information sessions, and opportunities to help you make a strong start. Whether you’re a freshman, transfer or graduate student, you’ll find the resources here to complete registration, move into housing, get to know your classmates and department or just figure out where to eat lunch. We’ve also included the full schedule for the week so you always know where to go.

Welcome to Andrews University!

Undergraduate—New Student Orientation

Graduate—New Student Orientation



As you get ready to study on the Berrien Springs campus of Andrews University, we want your final steps to be smooth and enjoyable. Each of these eight final steps is important to your final preparation to come and study with us.

  1. GET CONNECTED. Activate your Andrews username
  2. STUDY PLAN. To find out more about your academic advisor, see here. You can see review your advisor's contact information on your iVue page.
  3. HOUSING – DINING - INSURANCE. Review options for housingdining, and insurance. You can also learn more about how to register by watching this video.
  4. REGISTRATION & ENROLLMENT. Visit Registration Central to register and complete your housing, dining, insurance and financial plans.
  5. FINANCIAL PLAN. Clear financially with your financial advisor. You can also learn more about how to financially clear by watching this video.
  6. BOOKS AND MATERIALS. Purchase textbooks and a great selection of supplies and University merchandise at thebookstore.
  7. STUDENT EMPLOYMENT.  Find current positions posted at Student Employment. Find out more about  student employment on campus if you are interested in part-time work while you study, and review current job openings here. Please note that international students who wish to work are limited to 20 hours of work per week, and may only work on campus.

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