NASA-Funded Research

   Andrews Homepage: Feature Small | Posted on November 2, 2017

The Andrews University Division of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) offers numerous research opportunities for undergraduates.

Jay Johnson, professor of engineering, works with students on a NASA-funded research opportunity. He says, “In general, I study space weather in Earth's magnetosphere. Earth's magnetosphere is created by the strong dipole magnetic field of the earth, which creates a cavity in the solar wind. A key challenge of space weather research is to understand how energetic particle populations of Earth and other planets respond to solar wind structures which requires integrated modeling efforts linking the solar wind, outer and inner magnetosphere regions.”

STEM also involves students in research projects such as the following:

  • LIGO research on gravitational waves
  • Forensic chemistry
  • NSF-funded project “ECL sensor development with mobile technologies”
  • Pancreatic cancer detection
  • “Greening” a refugee camp in Jordan, Health Center landscape design
  • Syngas usability in fuel cells
  • Bovine viral leucosis level and SCC in milk
  • Mathematical modeling with a Seabird Ecology Team

For more information and to learn how you can become involved, visit the Division of STEM website at

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