2018 Annual Faculty & Staff Awards

   Campus News | Posted on March 13, 2018

A multisensory experience of Michigan Wonders greeted those who attended the annual Faculty & Staff Awards Celebration held March 4, 2018, in the Howard Performing Arts Center. As guests entered the building, they were greeted by an antique automobile, paying tribute to the world-renowned auto industry headquartered in Detroit. A buffet of made-in-Michigan food was served in a Michigan woodland, complete with woodland animals among the trees and flying overhead. Four local photographers also displayed a mini gallery of photographs of Michigan Wonders.

The program began with a warm welcome and blessing by President Andrea Luxton. The host for the event was Duane Covrig, chair of the Department of Leadership in the School of Education. Duane portrayed Michigan-born former president Gerald Ford, a Michigan woodsman, and Edson White, son of Ellen & James White, at intervals during the evening. He also shared details about the historical, cultural and natural wonders of Michigan against a stage backdrop portraying the four seasons. Throughout the evening, the audience enjoyed various prizes of made-in-Michigan items and participated in electronic polls that tested their knowledge of the state.

At the conclusion of the night, Artur Stele, board chair and General Conference vice president, expressed his appreciation for the people of Andrews and the beauties of Michigan, closing the evening with a prayer of blessing.

The real Michigan Wonders are the faculty and staff who were honored for their years of service to Andrews University as well as for excellence in service, teaching, faith development, research and creative scholarship.

Click on individual names below to view the video tributes presented:

25 Years of Service

Steve Atkins, earth science and biology teacher, Andrews Academy

Bruce Bauer, professor of world mission, Department of World Mission, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Denise Curnutt, Kindergarten teacher at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

Daniel Drazeneditor of the Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index (SDAPI) and implementation of Digital Commons @ Andrews, James White Library

Dennis Gryzbowskimotor pool foreman, Office of Transportation

Maxwell Jardine, HVAC foreman and master electrician, Office of Plant Services

Beverly Matiko, associate professor of English and communication, Departments of English and Communication, College of Arts & Sciences

Mencia Shelley, financial aid processor, Office of Student Financial Services

30 Years of Service

Elynda Bedney, assistant vice president for Student Financial Services and University ombudsperson

Jo Ann Davidsonprofessor of systematic theology, Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Kathleen Demskydirector of the Architecture Resource Center (ARC), a branch of the James White Library

James Hayward, professor emeritus of biology, Department of Biology, College of Arts & Sciences

Herbert Helm Jr., professor of psychology, Department of Behavioral Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Bernard Helms, periodicals/acquisition librarian, James White Library; assistant professor of library science, College of Arts & Sciences

Mildred McGrath, patron services manager, James White Library

Dorothy Show, executive administrative assistant to the Seminary dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

35 Years of Service

Daniel Cress, director, Servers & Networks, Office of Information Technology Services

Michael Harrington, herdsman and cow feeder, Andrews University Dairy

Carlene Johnson, administrative assistant

Meredith Jones Gray, professor of English and department chair, Department of English

Keith Mattingly, dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Barry Wilson, master electrician, Office of Plant Services

40 Years of Service

Daniel Bidwellsenior systems administrator, Servers & Networks, Office of Technology Services

Gregory Offenbackheavy equipment operator, Office of Transportation

Daniel A. Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award

Gunnar Lovhoiden, professor of engineering, Department of Engineering & Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Siegfried H. Horn Award for Excellence in Research & Creative Scholarship

Arts, Humanities & Education: Charles Reid, director of vocal studies and artist-in-residence, Department of Music, College of Arts & Sciences

Religion & Theology: Stanley Patterson, professor of Christian ministry, Department of Christian Ministry

Faith Development Leadership Award

Harold Schmidt, Lamson Hall maintenance supervisor and woodshop manager for the School of Architecture & Interior Design

Excellence in Service Awards

Jennifer Albers, administrative assistant, School of Business Administration Dean's Office

Benjamin Regoso, PC support manager, Client Services, Office of Information Technology Services

Allen Wellborn, manager, Office of Custodial Services