Important Policy Changes for 2018-2019

   Co-Curricular News | Posted on September 5, 2018

Here are a few of the changes you will want to note for the 2018-2019 academic year:

1. Chapel/Forum Minimum. Of the 30 required co-curricular credits, 12 credits must come from our Thursday Chapel/Forum Series.

2. Residence Hall Minimum. If you are a residence hall student, another 6 credits must come from the Living-Learning Programs offered in the residence halls.

3. The remainder of your credits can come from any programs that offer co-curricular credit.

4. Service Learning Form. The old "Changes Form" has now become the new "Service Learning Form." You can earn up to 1 credit for every 2 hours ofvoluntary service in a church, community or campus setting, up to 10 credits per semester. Workplace experience no longer qualifies for credit. You will be sent a link to the Service Learning Form when it opens in a couple of weeks.

5. Fees.The fees for non-participation are now at $25 for the first credit short of 30 credits and $15 for every credit short thereafter. As always, this fee can be reduced or eliminated totally through participation in the co-curriculum.

6. Pass/Fail and Co-Curricular Probation. Traditional undergraduates must now complete at least 75 percent of the co-curricular requirement (23 out of 30 credits) in order to pass for the semester. Students who fall below of the pass level will be placed on co-curricular probation.

To see the entire Co-Curricular Policy and Requirement, please refer to the Co-Curricular Organizer, the Student Handbook or the Co-Curricular Education page of the AU website.

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