Andrews University Agenda News and Events at Andrews University en-us Copyright 2018, Andrews University Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:48:00 -0000 Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:48:00 -0000 "Reggie and Ladye Love Smith" in Concert <p> On Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, at 7:30 p.m., Reggie and Ladye Love Smith will be in concert at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. These internationally loved musicians have performed in more than 12 countries and at prestigious venues such as the Super Bowl, New York's famed Carnegie Hall and the Kremlin in Moscow. Their voices have complemented some of the top talents in both country and gospel music including Patty LaBelle, Josh Turner, Dolly Parton, George Jones and Lee Greenwood.</p> <p> Reggie and Ladye Love Smith have been a part of the Gaither Homecoming family for over a decade, first as back-up singers in Nashville and later as a vocal duet featured on countless Homecoming concerts, tapings and recordings. Their versatile voices and broad range of influences lend themselves to a variety of styles, from country to big band to contemporary worship. With smooth, soulful vocals and impeccable musicianship, their communication beautifully reflects what is true of them both on and off stage&hellip; authenticity.</p> <p> Tickets are available at <a href=""></a>. Regular reserved seating for this performance is $15, seniors (65+) $10 and students (limit of two per ID) $10. For additional information, contact the Howard box office at 269-471-3560. For a full season schedule of events at the Howard Performing Arts Center, visit <a href=""></a>.</p> Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:07:25 +0000 Andrews University Wind Symphony Vespers Concert <p> At 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 2, 2018, the Andrews University Wind Symphony will present &quot;No Shadow of Turning&quot; for their annual vespers concert at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. This concert is a part of the Andrews University Music Festival weekend and will feature a wide variety of inspirational sacred music for wind band.</p> <p> Headlining the program is David Gillingham's &quot;No Shadow of Turning,&quot; a distinctive arrangement of &quot;Great is Thy Faithfulness.&quot; Other repertoire includes Christopher Nelson's introspective &quot;Wayfaring Stranger,&quot; the striking lament &quot;They Hung Their Harps&quot; by Francis McBeth and Dwayne Milburn's fresh hymn interpretations in &quot;American Hymnsong Suite.&quot;</p> <p> Directed by Byron Graves, the Andrews University Wind Symphony maintains a significant travel schedule throughout the Great Lakes area and seeks to provide high quality music programs and concerts representative of Adventist education and Andrews University. The Wind Symphony has performed in England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and throughout the United States.</p> <p> Byron Graves obtained his master's degree in instrumental conducting from Central Michigan University and undergraduate degrees in clarinet performance and music education from Andrews University. He has held teaching positions at Andrews Academy, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School and others. Graves is a professional member of the National Association for Music Education as well as other localized associations. In addition to conducting the Wind Symphony, he also teaches music education courses and is working on his dissertation research for Boston University.&nbsp;</p> <p> No tickets are required for this performance. For additional information, contact the Howard Box Office at 269-471-3560. For a full season schedule of events at the Howard Performing Arts Center, visit <a href=""></a>.</p> Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:01:14 +0000 Deans List Released for Fall 2017 <p> Andrews University has announced the undergraduate deans list for fall semester 2017. The students listed have maintained a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher while having at least 12 credits, no incompletes and no grade below a B. There are 492 students in total on the list.</p> <p> Abeysinghe, Dinelle S.<br /> Adaigbe, Jennifer I.<br /> Adesina, Oluwatimilehin A.<br /> Agard, Matthew<br /> Ahn, Jeremy C.<br /> Ahn, Joshua<br /> Akyiano, Hannah O.<br /> Allen, Brandon W.<br /> Alva, Rayford C.<br /> An, Sang-Gyoon T.<br /> Anderson, Eric E.<br /> Anunciado, Allyson E.<br /> Asgeirsson, Alanna Y.<br /> Atencio, Elizabeth A.<br /> Atmadja, Constantia A.<br /> Babienco, Kristin M.<br /> Bach, Jaimie E.<br /> Baker, Alison K.<br /> Baker, Carolyn N.<br /> Baker, Jonathan D.<br /> Balasingam, Xavier-Kumar V.<br /> Baldwin, Heather L.<br /> Ballweber, Emalee J.<br /> Bange, Alisha R.<br /> Barnum, Alexandra I.<br /> Barrett, Jeremy J.<br /> Barrios Paz, Jaqueline A.<br /> Bauza, Erika<br /> Bayona Roque, Paola E.<br /> Bea, Sungwon<br /> Bechara, Christian A.<br /> Bennett, Blake E.<br /> Bennett, Raymond<br /> Beras, Heidy<br /> Bevins, Rebecca<br /> Bitterman, Lauren A.<br /> Bojko, Julianna M.<br /> Borton, Jonathan D.<br /> Bosfield, Trey A.<br /> Boursiquot, Johanne C.<br /> Boyce, Julissa E.<br /> Bright, Aliya A.<br /> Briley, Apryl R.<br /> Brockett, Sarah R.<br /> Brown, Patrick G.<br /> Broyer, Michaela N.<br /> Bryson, John M.<br /> Bullard, Letitia<br /> Burgos, Marcos<br /> Burke, Linnea C.<br /> Butler, Haley A.<br /> Byeon, Hye-eun<br /> Byron-Stanley, Xakeila-Lee<br /> Caballero, Zoey K.<br /> Calhoun, Allison A.<br /> Carcamo, Andrea K.<br /> Carcamo, Gabriella A.<br /> Carson, Jaymes M.<br /> Castang, Jesse J.<br /> Cave, Antoinette B.<br /> Cha, Minha<br /> Chang, Brandon J.<br /> Chang-Brown, Abigail C.<br /> Charles, Hannah P.<br /> Chatman, Austin L.<br /> Chavit, Christie D.<br /> Chi, Daniel H.<br /> Chirachevin, Warit<br /> Cho, Amanda S.<br /> Cho, Eunbyeol<br /> Choi, Jisu<br /> Choi, Junnah J.<br /> Chun, Nicholas H.<br /> Chung, Kieun<br /> Chung, Shane N.<br /> Cin, KhaiKhai S.<br /> Cincala, Jonathan W.<br /> Cincala, Nathanael W.<br /> Cincala, Tereza Z.<br /> Clarke, Alistair C.<br /> Clayburn, Taylor A.<br /> Coleman, Chelcie A.<br /> Coleman, Jennifer J.<br /> Conner, Sara N.<br /> Contreras, Anizbeth E.<br /> Cook, Tayde M.<br /> Coston, Christina M.<br /> Cousins, Nadira Z.<br /> Covrig, Claire V.<br /> Covrig, Colette L.<br /> Cowin, Alivia Y.<br /> Croughan, Brianna K.<br /> Da Silva, Priscila G.<br /> Darville, Nia J.<br /> Davis, Heidi M.<br /> Davis, Jacob A.<br /> Davis, Jeremiah D.<br /> De Guzman, Diamond S.<br /> DeArk, Katelynn A.<br /> Decker, Alexi G.<br /> Dehart, Victoria A.<br /> Delgado, Carla D.<br /> DePalma, Nina I.<br /> Depluzer, Camille E.<br /> DeRose, Angela M.<br /> Dettmann, Sarah<br /> Diaz, Timothy B.<br /> Do, Hang-Anh<br /> Dooks, Alicia M.<br /> Dooks, Megan N.<br /> Dosunmu, Shekinah D.<br /> Down, William A.<br /> Drew, Cassandra S.<br /> Drew, Grant<br /> Dronen, Samuel A.<br /> Drozdov, Marry D.<br /> Drumi, Sharlotta Y.<br /> Dulcich, Joshua M.<br /> Dunham, David T.<br /> Dunn, Mackenzie P.<br /> Duvivier, Ellen S.<br /> Edwards, Leiali'i R.<br /> Erickson, Johanna N.<br /> Esare-Beckson, Michael<br /> Ezell, Darrell M.<br /> Fajardo, Daryl<br /> Famorcan, Ffrancine D.<br /> Fenwick, Colin R.<br /> Fernandez, Kelsey N.<br /> Ferrer, Kristin D.<br /> Figueroa, Joyce<br /> Fontes De Pina, Marleny<br /> Ford, Lucinda L.<br /> Fraser, Kaylene<br /> Fry, Samuel J.<br /> Furst, Trevor L.<br /> Gallant, Hannah M.<br /> Gallos, Christiane<br /> Gallos, Dorothea<br /> Gammon, Trystan M.<br /> Garcia, Devin G.<br /> Garcia, Emily N.<br /> Garrido, Warren Albert C.<br /> Gayle, Bohdana L.<br /> Gayle, Toni-Ann T.<br /> Gensolin, Rachelle J.<br /> Geraty, Eli L.<br /> Germosen, Carlos<br /> Gilbert, Christopher R.<br /> Gilbert, Raven L.<br /> Gomez Castillo, Edy S.<br /> Gonzalez, Kevin D.<br /> Gonzalez, Merari<br /> Gonzalez, Talisa C.<br /> Gordon, Rhondi E.<br /> Goyne, Carolyn B.<br /> Grady, Kanani N.<br /> Gray, Jesse M.<br /> Greene, Ian S.<br /> Greenley, Donavan<br /> Gregorutti, Ornella G.<br /> Grellmann, Jason D.<br /> Guillaume, Lorian M.<br /> Haankwenda, Shaun<br /> Hakiza, Tabitha D.<br /> Halder, Robert B.<br /> Hales, Cassandra E.<br /> Halsey, Gabriel C.<br /> Handy, Stephanie E.<br /> Hanna, Kameron C.<br /> Harper, Waldo B.<br /> Hartman, Rahel<br /> Hebert, Sara E.<br /> Hemmings, Ariel S.<br /> Henriquez, Alyssa R.<br /> Henry Saturne, Sarah E.<br /> Hercules, Candace E.<br /> Herrera, Kara Y.<br /> Hiramoto, Benjamin H.<br /> Horton, Darrick<br /> Horton, Makena K.<br /> Hunt, Ashera R.<br /> Hunter, Trevon J.<br /> Hutchins, Natalie M.<br /> Hwang, Isabelle<br /> Hwang, Natalie A.<br /> Hwang, Nicole M.<br /> Ibarra, Isamarys<br /> Ifill, Shannika F.<br /> Im, Halim<br /> Imazu, Tommy J.<br /> Imperio, Calvin R.<br /> Iwasa, Kaily D.<br /> Jacobs, Aaron I.<br /> Jacobson, Ryutaro E.<br /> Jeon, Yejin<br /> Jiang, Kun<br /> Johnson, Gabrielle M.<br /> Johnson, Jo Ann L.<br /> Johnson, Julia A.<br /> Johnson, Juliane L.<br /> Johnson, Noah<br /> Johnston, Lauren<br /> Joseph, Deandra A.<br /> Juneau, Kyle F.<br /> Jurek, Alena<br /> Jurek, Gillian<br /> Jurek, Heather A.<br /> Kafunya, Mbinga<br /> Kang, Haley H.<br /> Kang, Jeongwoo<br /> Kang, Simon S.<br /> Kardos-Moldovan, Nancy G.<br /> Karengo, Nellie W.<br /> Karnik, Anuya A.<br /> Kayaga, Agatha<br /> Kent, Chelsea R.<br /> Kent, Mark L.<br /> Keppke, Brenda L.<br /> Kerr, Elizabeth A.<br /> Kibble, Adair M.<br /> Kim, Brian K.<br /> Kim, Cassie<br /> Kim, Chan H.<br /> Kim, Hee Ae J.<br /> Kim, Hongseok<br /> Kim, Joel<br /> Kim, Joelle E.<br /> Kim, Kaitlyn S.<br /> Kim, Kristen S.<br /> Kim, Sangeun<br /> Kim, Seoyoung<br /> Kim, Simon S.<br /> Kim, Solomon J.<br /> Kim, Victoria S.<br /> Kim, Ye Lim<br /> Kim, Younghyun<br /> King, Kathryn M.<br /> Kirkland, Asia S.<br /> Kittleson, Brianna<br /> Knepp, Tatiana D.<br /> Kolberg, Dustin J.<br /> Krawczyk, Katherine R.<br /> Kroczyk, Mateusz D.<br /> Kroulik, Wendy S.<br /> Kruger, Nicole T.<br /> Kuhn, Gillian C.<br /> Kwon, Amber Y.<br /> Kwon, Kellie Y.<br /> Lanphear, Heather R.<br /> Latour, Donn M.<br /> LaTour, Joshua A.<br /> Lawson, Edward<br /> Leal, Yarianni K.<br /> Learned, Michaela M.<br /> Lee, Arthur Y.<br /> Lee, Benin A.<br /> Lee, Chan K.<br /> Lee, Haemin<br /> Lee, Hye Lim<br /> Lee, Sadam J.<br /> Lee, TaeJun<br /> Lee, Yehjee<br /> Leong, Tammy X.<br /> Leuenberger, Cade C.<br /> Li, Joshua D.<br /> Liernur, Nicole<br /> Little, Nicholas A.<br /> Litvak, Kaitlin J.<br /> Logan, Jasmine A.<br /> Long, Alexander M.<br /> Lopez, Caitlin R.<br /> Lozano Sanchez, Carlos R.<br /> Mackintosh, Sarah J.<br /> Magbanua, Emma J.<br /> Mainess, Morgan A.<br /> Makiling, Precious S.<br /> Makimu, Kundani P.<br /> Malabrigo, Lara Adelle Love<br /> Malakhov, Mykhaylo M.<br /> Maldonado, Sheila<br /> Maletin, Katerina D.<br /> Manuel, Rachel A.<br /> Marciniak, Mary<br /> Marsh, Daniel S.<br /> Martin, Jeremy L.<br /> Martin, Raquel V.<br /> Martinez, Anabelis<br /> Martinez, Daniel B.<br /> Martinez, Joanna G.<br /> Masengi, Raysha A.<br /> McClellan, Jade E.<br /> McConnell, Zachary<br /> McLaughlin, Justin<br /> McLean, Sara K.<br /> Medor-Cadet, Florence<br /> Mehta, Parth H.<br /> Menhardt, Boone C.<br /> Menjor, Hannah S.<br /> Mercado, Christina B.<br /> Mercado, Veronika Y.<br /> Meza, Esther D.<br /> Milam, Tyler D.<br /> Miller, Anthony M.<br /> Miller, Patrick J.<br /> Minnick, Kayla B.<br /> Molina, Ruth N.<br /> Moon, Sun Hee H.<br /> Moore, Brianna K.<br /> Moore, Julienne<br /> Morales, Leodan<br /> Moretta, Annie M.<br /> Navarro, John-Luke N.<br /> Navarro, Nicholas G.<br /> Ndlovu, Jephthah<br /> Negrea, Miriam<br /> Neighbors, Tyler B.<br /> Nelwan, Melody V.<br /> Nurhan, Yosia I.<br /> Nwoke, Christopher A.<br /> Nyange, Lisa<br /> O'Ffill, Carson G.<br /> Ochiai, Jun<br /> Oh, Danielle S.<br /> Oh, Grace<br /> Ok, Taejun<br /> Omeler, Christ-Ansy M.<br /> Orpiano, Scibher Glenn I.<br /> Orvek, Michael A.<br /> Overfield, Dane<br /> Owen, Zachary L.<br /> Owiti, Ryan T.<br /> Paea, Joel T.<br /> Pagarigan, Irisse Nadine D.<br /> Paik, Yekyeong<br /> Pakkianathan, Janice N.<br /> Pakpahan, Frentzen<br /> Panjaitan, Ezra C.<br /> Park, Jeongwoo<br /> Park, Kimberly H.<br /> Park, Kyu Hwan<br /> Park, Seung Ho<br /> Parker, Theodore<br /> Patterson, Javier M.<br /> Pauliah, Prerna P.<br /> Pechero, Amanda J.<br /> Pichot, Rachelle<br /> Ponterio, Anthony<br /> Posada, Talia E.<br /> Powers, Jonathan J.<br /> Price, Raina C.<br /> Prodans, Michele A.<br /> Puii, Lal Rin<br /> Raimundo, Vivian P.<br /> Randolph, Ashley K.<br /> Randolph, Zachary A.<br /> Rawlings, Jared Z.<br /> Regis, Malachi O.<br /> Renaud, Adrian T.<br /> Rice, Joanna L.<br /> Richardson, Celeste A.<br /> Robinson, Abigail<br /> Robinson, Lawrence O.<br /> Rodgers, Austin M.<br /> Rodriguez, Brenda<br /> Roe, Sara M.<br /> Romelus, Jade<br /> Romero, Eduardo A.<br /> Romero, Jose<br /> Ronenko, Anastasia<br /> Ronjak, Daniel M.<br /> Rook, Kelsey M.<br /> Roosenberg, Josselyn M.<br /> Roque, Yza S.<br /> Roschman, Paul B.<br /> Roselio, Roger R.<br /> Ross, Davian T.<br /> Ruban, Ivette J.<br /> Ruedinger, Nathan C.<br /> Rupert, William N.<br /> Sabangan, Hannah I.<br /> Sabangan, Michelle I.<br /> Sahly, Cameron O.<br /> Saint-Phard, Daniella B.<br /> Sanchez, Christian J.<br /> Sargeant, Pammy S.<br /> Saunders, Courtney C.<br /> Savage, Kristine M.<br /> Saverimuttu, Lilah M.<br /> Scalzo, Taylor N.<br /> Schell, Elisabeth<br /> Schuen, Meredith G.<br /> Scott, Jonika A.<br /> Seawood, Brandi J.<br /> Seawood, Brianna J.<br /> Segura Pion, Yarisbel<br /> Self, Daniel C.<br /> Seo, Jangwon<br /> Seo, Joon<br /> Shelton, Kellie M.<br /> Sherman, David S.<br /> Shin, Brandon J.<br /> Shin, Haneul<br /> Shin, Haram<br /> Siagian, Yasmine E.<br /> Sloan, Olivia B.<br /> Smith, Connor R.<br /> Smith, Isaac L.<br /> Smith, Juliana M.<br /> Smith, Lille L.<br /> Smith, Sara K.<br /> Smith, Winter A.<br /> Smoot, Hannah K.<br /> Smoot, Heidi N.<br /> Snelling, Jesse M.<br /> Song, Erin<br /> Soto Lolandes, Joel A.<br /> Spears, Lauren<br /> Srikureja, Nathaniel K.<br /> Stahl, Laura E.<br /> Stanier, Olivia E.<br /> Staniszewski, Colleen M.<br /> Staniszewski, Tara V.<br /> Starkey, Emelia J.<br /> Steinweg, Grant J.<br /> Steinweg, Tiffany D.<br /> Stelfox, Jessica A.<br /> Stencel, Allan C.<br /> Stewart, Eden E.<br /> Sun, Qizeng<br /> Sung, Hyukje<br /> Swerdlow, Jonathan J.<br /> Tagalog, Carlyle F.<br /> Tait, Talisa L.<br /> Tamayo, Easter F.<br /> Taylor, Cynthia D.<br /> Taylor, Jaleel L.<br /> Taylor, Joseph W.<br /> Taylor, Kieran M.<br /> Tchamba, Nathanael M.<br /> Thomas, Christopher D.<br /> Thona, Maryand C.<br /> Tinoco, Sandra<br /> Tung Nung, Khen K.<br /> Turon, Maya E.<br /> Van Schaik, Christian P.<br /> Velasquez, Lezanney<br /> Verhelle, Zachary S.<br /> Villa-Coppiano, Pamela M.<br /> Viniczay, Julia M.<br /> vonDorpowski, Brandon R.<br /> Walean, Allison S.<br /> Walean, Glenn B.<br /> Walter, Alyssa M.<br /> Walter, Kylie G.<br /> Wan, Yanlingxue<br /> Ware, Peyton J.<br /> Wasli, Kaitlyn A.<br /> Watson, Jonathan<br /> Weathersby, Ninfa T.<br /> Weir, Adam P.<br /> Weis, Nicole T.<br /> West, Colin<br /> Whitman, Caleb L.<br /> Wiist, Alexandra J.<br /> Wile, Mikelle<br /> Wiley, Justin D.<br /> Wilkens, Julianne L.<br /> Willard, Jacob M.<br /> Williams, Kia N.<br /> Williams, Nicolai<br /> Williams, Zora S.<br /> Wilson, Alexandra C.<br /> Wilson, Dana A.<br /> Wilson, Kennedi I.<br /> Winkfield, Morgan A.<br /> Woodard, Olivia R.<br /> Woodruff, Foster B.<br /> Wright, Haley<br /> Xu, Ping<br /> Yakushina, Tetiana<br /> Yoon, Taemin<br /> Yoong, Jessica A.<br /> Young, Jessica L.<br /> Young, Tyler A.<br /> Zanatta, Gianni A.<br /> Zapara, Ashlen B.<br /> Zdor, Greg W.<br /> Zerna, Aaron<br /> Zhu, Zhilan<br /> Zulu, Tidale E.<br /> Zurek, Autumn N.</p> Wed, 07 Feb 2018 18:02:17 +0000 Tragedy That Empowers <p> On Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, Sharon Risher spoke in the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. She shared her personal journey through and since June 17, 2015, when the lives of nine people were abruptly and horrifically ended in a church shooting at the Mother Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. This event irrevocably changed the course of Risher's life, as her mother Ethel Lee Lance, two cousins and a childhood friend were among those who died. As a result of this tragedy, Risher describes herself as &quot;an accidental activist-someone who finds themselves in a life-altering experience and then springs into action for whatever specific cause or issue.&quot;</p> <p> She recounted being nine years old, hearing Martin Luther King Jr. and thinking she wanted to learn to speak like him. In 1976, both Risher and her mother became the first people in her family to receive high school diplomas.</p> <p> These moments all helped to shape Risher. &quot;I didn't ask for this journey that I'm on&hellip;but here I am,&quot; she said. And now, her mission is to help other people understand that hate and violence will not win.</p> <p> Risher emphasized her struggle with forgiveness. &quot;There comes a time in our lives when we have to stand up for what we believe and be in that space for however long it takes. I had to feel what I felt. I was not going to hop on the forgiveness bandwagon,&quot; said Risher. Her process of forgiveness was complicated, lonely, hard and full of never-ending prayer. Ultimately, she expressed the importance of actually forgiving and continuing toward that end goal even when the journey is long and riddled with anger. Risher described her experience of forgiving as coming to a place of peace and feeling God say, &quot;You're strong, you've been faithful, now is the time.&quot;</p> <p> The idea of forgiveness especially resonated with the audience. R. Deborah Weithers, dean for Student Life at Andrews University, says, &quot;Her journey of forgiveness was raw and honest and helped us put ourselves in her shoes.&quot;</p> <p> Not only did Risher call the audience to embrace forgiveness, but she also stated, &quot;As people of faith, messengers of God, we have a duty to begin the conversation about race&hellip;to truly understand the call to be a community.&quot; She addressed the importance of accountability and responsibility, particularly with gun control laws. Her dream is that people will escape this &quot;heart condition&quot; within America that places too much emphasis on hate and not enough on the understanding that &quot;no matter what, we all are people.&quot; She continued, &quot;We all are made wonderfully and beautifully, my faith tells me, in the sight of God.&quot;</p> <p> Natalie Hwang, a second-year English literature major, appreciates Risher's perspective on hate and valuing others. Hwang says, &quot;It was truly humbling to hear a woman who didn't let trauma distort the way she saw others.&quot;</p> <p> At the conclusion of Risher's talk, she received a standing ovation from attendees. Garrison Hayes, a third-year Master of Divinity student, reflected on his response to Risher's story. He says, &quot;I am thankful for her commitment to truth-telling and her ability to seamlessly intertwine her lived experience and her desire to see equity and justice everywhere.&quot;</p> Wed, 07 Feb 2018 16:39:42 +0000 Violinist Odin Rathnam in Concert <p> On Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018, at 4 p.m., Andrews University hosts Odin Rathnam in concert at the Howard Performing Arts Center. No tickets are required for this event. Odin Rathnam will also be presenting a Masterclass at 7 p.m. after the concert&mdash;all are welcome.</p> <p> Since his critically acclaimed Lincoln Center debut in 1993, American violinist Odin Rathnam has established himself as one of the most passionate and versatile artists of his generation. He has received unanimous praise from critics and audiences for his &ldquo;captivating temperament,&rdquo; &ldquo;brilliant technique&rdquo; and a sound &ldquo;recalling the legendary violinists of the past.&rdquo;</p> <p> A veteran performer at many major European and American festivals including the Algarve International Music Festival in Portugal, Denmark&rsquo;s Tivoli and Vendsyssel festivals, Deia International Festival in Mallorca, Boswil Festival in Switzerland, Aspen, Caramoor and Endless Mountain Music festivals, he has also appeared in recital at the Market Square Concerts series, Lincoln Center&rsquo;s Alice Tully Hall and Carnegie Recital Hall, where he first appeared at the age of 15.</p> <p> As a chamber musician, Odin Rathnam has collaborated with many leading artists of his generation. He received his formal training at Juilliard Pre-College and Mannes College of Music with Sally Thomas and Ann Setzer, returning to the Juilliard School as a full scholarship student of Dorothy DeLay and Masao Kawasaki. He studied chamber music with Julius Levine, Felix Galimir, Joel Smirnoff and Josef Gingold. He also worked closely with the Danish violinist and pedagogue Anker Buch, who is credited by many for bringing Ivan Galamian&rsquo;s teachings to Denmark.</p> <p> For more information regarding this event, or any events occurring at the Howard Center this year, contact the Howard Performing Arts Center at <a href=""></a> or 269-471-3560, or visit <a href=""></a>.</p> Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:57:05 +0000 "Love is in the Air" <p> On Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018, at 8 p.m., the Andrews University Department of Music and WAUS FM present the Andrews University Singers and Chorale in &ldquo;Love is in the Air,&rdquo; with conductor Stephen Zork, at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. Listeners will experience a wide array of songs centered on the themes of love, romance, compassion and belonging. The concert is free and open to the public.</p> <p> The program will feature romantic classics like Jerome Kern&rsquo;s &ldquo;All the Things You Are&rdquo; arranged by Ward Swingle, Hoagy Carmichael&rsquo;s &ldquo;Skylark&rdquo; arranged by John Rutter, Dolly Parton&rsquo;s &ldquo;Light of a Clear Blue Morning&rdquo; arranged by Craig Hella Johnson, the Kings Singers arrangements of Lennon &amp; McCartney&rsquo;s &ldquo;Can&rsquo;t Buy Me Love&rdquo; and &ldquo;Yesterday,&rdquo; and Dan Forrest&rsquo;s endearing setting of &ldquo;Good Night, Dear Heart.&rdquo;</p> <p> Placed in this bouquet of choral music will be songs of caring and commitment such as &ldquo;Invocation to Compassion&rdquo; arranged by Craig Hella Johnson, &ldquo;Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart&rdquo; by Richard Nance and &ldquo;For Everyone Born, A Place at the Table&rdquo; arranged by Tom Trenney. The centerpiece of the concert will be Eric Whitacre&rsquo;s charming collection of &ldquo;Five Hebrew Love Songs.&rdquo;</p> <p> The Andrews University Singers are the select choir from the Department of Music and represent Andrews University locally, nationally and abroad through concert tours, television broadcast and audio recordings.</p> <p> For more information regarding this event, or any events occurring at the Howard Center this year, contact the Howard Performing Arts Center at or 269-471-3560, or visit</p> Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:51:40 +0000 H.E.L.P. Project Hosts "The Nativity Story" <p> On Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, the Human Empowerment Life Project (H.E.L.P.) team hosted &ldquo;The Nativity Story&rdquo; in the Howard Performing Arts Center for approximately 460 grades 2&ndash;5 students from the Benton Harbor area.</p> <p> The program portrayed the Christmas story, including scenes with the shepherds, Mary and Joseph and the three magi. The dialogue and music were a powerful testament to the need for hope and to positive ways that people can live and serve others in their daily lives.</p> <p> Carlisle Sutton, director of Community Engagement, Integration &amp; Service at Andrews University, led the event with the assistance of many others. David Faehner, vice president for University Advancement, sponsored the facility and technicians. Alayne Thorpe, dean for the Schools of Graduate Studies and Distance Education &amp; International Partnerships, worked with her team to provide supplies for gift bags. Elynda Bedney, assistant vice president for Student Financial Services, also worked with her staff to provide refreshments for the children after the program. Marguerite Samuels, director of the musical ministry Journey, and Stephen Zork, professor of music and conductor of Andrews University Singers, performed musical selections. Throughout the program, H.E.L.P. team members played an active role by guiding children to seats and sitting in the audience with the children.</p> <p> The local community also contributed to make this event possible. Sutton says, &ldquo;Principals, teachers, parents and the administration of the Benton Harbor area schools all worked to ensure the students were afforded the opportunity to attend.&rdquo; One of these individuals was Ronnika Williams, from the Boys and Girls Club, who partnered with Sutton to mentor Benton Harbor High School students in learning their roles for the play. Neighbor to Neighbor in Berrien Springs helped by providing the stage props.</p> <p> The Nativity Story event first took place in 2016 when Sutton learned of the Benton Harbor schools&rsquo; need of holiday programming. It provides an opportunity to expose the students to high-quality acting by using an historical approach to the nativity story that incorporates life lessons on issues pertinent to the children. Some of these issues include responsibility, respect for others and standing up to peer pressure. The choice to involve the Andrews University Department of Music was also a very intentional decision to infuse different genres of music throughout the drama. Suttons explains, &ldquo;We believe that early exposure to interesting experiences in a university environment will also increase the elementary students&rsquo; interest in learning, foster a desire to work toward attending university and build a college-bound culture.&rdquo;</p> <p> This is the first year that the cast for the play was chosen from Benton Harbor High School students rather than Andrews students. Additionally, Xiomara &ldquo;Pepper&rdquo; Urbina, a third-grade community student, helped with the music. According to Sutton, the high school students have already been profoundly impacted with the experience of acting in this program. Because of their experience, they are all interested in being part of a drama club. He says, &ldquo;The H.E.L.P. team believes a drama club would continue to give disadvantaged students opportunities to develop self-confidence and demonstrate skills that they work hard to perfect.&rdquo; The seed for this confidence was planted in these students as they acted in The Nativity Story and were successfully affirmed as being a part of something bigger than themselves.</p> <p> The ultimate hope is that this Christmas program will continue to bless the Benton Harbor Area community as well as the Andrews University participants. This hope was seen in the eyes of the children as they excitedly watched the play and clapped with the music. It was seen through the high school actors as they began to understand their potential for greatness and worked to harness and direct their talent in positive ways.</p> <p> Sutton says, &ldquo;I hope that we at Andrews University will continue to appreciate the blessings we have been afforded, continue to be intentional about connecting in meaningful ways, and go the distance to help others understand their inestimable value.&rdquo;</p> Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:45:01 +0000 Mural Impacts Hundreds of Students <p> Leila Celestin, graduate student in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology &amp; Audiology at Andrews University, is passionate about collaborative creativity. &ldquo;A lot of people don&rsquo;t believe they can be creative,&rdquo; she says, &ldquo;but in a group and with the right tools, they can do cool things.&rdquo; So, when Carlisle Sutton approached Leila about the idea of a mural for a local school, Leila, who also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a painting emphasis, was ready for a creative project.</p> <p> Carlisle, director of Community Engagement Integration &amp; Service at Andrews, had contacted the Arts and Communications Academy (ACA) in Benton Harbor, Michigan, to identify opportunities for service as part of Andrews University&rsquo;s first Change Day. After discussions with the principal and assistant principal, it was decided a mural would be helpful in improving the physical appearance of the facility. &ldquo;Minority students in urban communities are not often presented with positive images of people who look like them,&rdquo; he says. &ldquo;When we were informed we would be allowed to paint on the walls of the cafeteria, I thought we needed to use the space to create a truly positive learning environment. This was an opportunity to have the students eat with people who shared their heritage&mdash;people with challenges who excelled in spite of the odds.&rdquo;</p> <p> Carlisle, Leila and Jace McKinney, also an Andrews student, developed the content for the mural, choosing to include the faces of individuals such as Nelson Mandela, the Obamas, Diana Ross, Angela Davis and Martin Luther King Jr. Because a wide variety of people would be painting the mural, Leila converted images to simple black-and-white silhouettes.</p> <p> On September 14, Leila and a small team of artists arrived at ACA by about 7:30 a.m. They projected the images on the wall, traced the outlines with pencil, then began to paint. An additional group of Change Day volunteers arrived shortly after and helped push through the bulk of the project. Leila recalls, &ldquo;People said, &lsquo;I&rsquo;m not an artist! Then they would get caught up in the little details of the black paint, step back and realize they just painted Muhammad Ali.&rdquo;</p> <p> ACA students funneled through the cafeteria as the images were being painted. Some recognized the silhouetted faces and exclaimed, &ldquo;Oh, I know who that is!&rdquo; For others, it was the first they learned the stories behind each image. Teachers were emotional, understanding how powerful the images could be for students. Even the school superintendent and the Benton Harbor High School principal stopped by to see the mural in process.</p> <p> For Leila, the mural was inspiring. She says, &ldquo;I hope that other students, artists and the church realize that creative work absolutely can be a service and impactful. If there&rsquo;s any possible way I can connect youth and young people in a creative outlet as it relates to service, I will take that opportunity hands-down.&rdquo;</p> <p> Carlisle was also blessed by the project. &ldquo;Hundreds of students will continue to sit and eat in a room that was transformed as a result of the actions of a team from Andrews University. We really can change the world, one face at a time.&rdquo;</p> Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:41:19 +0000