Andrews University Agenda News and Events at Andrews University en-us Copyright 2015, Andrews University Mon, 30 Nov 2015 06:42:00 -0000 Mon, 30 Nov 2015 06:42:00 -0000 Physics Major Scores 100% on GRE <p> Robbie Polski, senior physics major at Andrews University, recently achieved a perfect score on his GRE Physics Subject Test&mdash;an exam intended to measure the extent of an examinee&rsquo;s mastery of the fundamental principles of physics.</p> <p> The exam, consisting of 100 multiple answer questions, is grouped into sets based on content. The GRE Physics Subject Test includes diagrams, graphs, experimental data and real-world applications problems.</p> <p> Prospective graduate school applicants take the GRE Subject Test, and the test scores are used, in addition to other academic records and letters of recommendation, by admissions panels to compare candidates&rsquo; qualifications.</p> <p> Preparing for a GRE Subject Test can be a difficult, even arbitrary, process. Similar to other standardized tests, it is impossible for an examinee to know what questions will appear on the test, which makes adequate preparation crucial.</p> <p> &ldquo;You never know exactly what will be on the test, so you need to study for everything,&rdquo; says Polski. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s a lot of problem solving on the spot.&rdquo;</p> <p> Polski maintains that his extraordinary performance on the GRE Physics Subject Test was the result of practice and determination. Polski claims that one factor influencing his score was a paid undergraduate research experience at the University of Michigan he attended this past summer.</p> <p> &ldquo;I was working with a group that grows semiconductors in ultra-high vacuum chambers, they have a lower pressure than outer space,&rdquo; says Polski. &ldquo;There were several graduate students in attendance who gave us tips and walked us through some of the practice problems.&rdquo;</p> <p> A resident of Keene, Texas, Polski initially chose Andrews University for the engineering program, but decided his passion was for physics.</p> <p> &ldquo;I started my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering,&rdquo; says Polski. &ldquo;If you ask some of my friends they would say that I always liked physics and would end up going that direction eventually.&rdquo;</p> <p> Finishing his fifth year at Andrews in May 2016, Polski plans on pursuing a graduate degree in physics after graduation&mdash;a choice that would enable him to teach later in his career.</p> <p> &ldquo;I&rsquo;m looking to go into some sort of research&mdash;whether it be academia or a national lab. In the long run I would like to go into academia,&rdquo; he says.</p> <p> When asked about his success, both at Andrews and on the GRE Physics Subject Test, Polski maintained that throughout his entire undergraduate experience it has been the faculty at Andrews that made a difference.</p> <p> &ldquo;You get the idea that the big schools must have superior programs, but you realize that it depends on how much work you put into it yourself, and how dedicated you are,&rdquo; says Polski. &ldquo;Also, I think it depends on the professors. At bigger universities the professors dedicate so much time to their research. Here, they are really good mentors and role models for their students.&rdquo;</p> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:37:42 +0000 Personal Transportation Reservations <p> The Office of Transportation will no longer accept personal transportation reservations by phone or in person. You will need to submit the appropriate form by email.</p> <p> If you are arriving from any of the locations that we service, you will need to fill out the <a href="">Arrival Reservation Form</a>. If you are departing from any of the locations that we service, you will need to fill out the <a href="">Departure Reservation Form</a>. Service to and from the following locations can be requested by enrolled students, faculty/staff, and guests of the university. NOTE: We charge $35/person each way to South Bend locations.</p> <ul> <li> South Bend Airport (Flights)</li> <li> South Bend Airport (Greyhound / <a href="">Coach USA</a>; Coach USA is a bus service to and from both Midway &amp; O'&Acirc;™Hare Airports)</li> <li> South Shore Train (South Bend Airport)</li> <li> South Bend Amtrak</li> </ul> <p> We charge $30/person each way to Niles &amp; Benton Harbor Locations</p> <ul> <li> Niles Amtrak</li> <li> Benton Harbor Bus (Greyhound / Indian Trails)</li> </ul> <p> Policies:</p> <ul> <li> To allow Transportation employees to observe Sabbath, we do not provide service to the above locations beginning an hour before sundown on Fridays, through an hour after sundown on Saturdays.</li> <li> All fees must be paid in cash or charged to a current University account at the time of the service.</li> <li> Personal transportation reservations made <strong>less than two business days in advance</strong> will be charged an extra $20 late reservation fee.</li> </ul> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:30:36 +0000 James White Library Thanksgiving Hours Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:28:52 +0000 Transfer Preview <p> Enrollment is inviting all Transfer Students to come and visit Andrews University and the academic departments of&nbsp;ther choosing. Come and see first hand what Andrews Univerity has to offer.<br type="_moz" /> &nbsp;</p> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:28:13 +0000 Week in Pictures: November 24, 2015 Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:27:17 +0000 Niles Adventist School Citrus Fundraiser Sale <p class="p1"> <span class="s1"><b>Citrus Fruit Fundraiser:</b> Enjoy fresh fruit for Christmas! To order Ruby Red grapefruit, Florida navels, tangerines, or a variety pack of all three, contact Gina (<a href=""><span class="s2"></span></a> or </span><span class="s3">269-845-8870) or go to <a href=""><span class="s2"></span></a>, Account #7018,</span><span class="s1"> by </span><span class="s4">November 30</span><span class="s1">. See <a href=""><span class="s2"></span></a> or call for prices. Pick up dates at Niles Adventist School (110 N Fairview, Niles) are usually 10-14 days after the order due date. Thank you for your support of NAS!</span></p> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 14:36:39 +0000 Niles Westside Church Service for Nov. 28 <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Niles Westside Adventist Church</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">1105 Grant St (at Fairview Ave)</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Niles, MI</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1"></span></p> <p class="p2"> &nbsp;</p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Church Services: 8:30 &amp; 11 a.m.&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="p2"> &nbsp;</p> <p class="p3"> <span class="s1">November 28: Dr Hyveth Williams, Speaker - <i>The Secret of Abundant Life</i></span></p> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 14:34:30 +0000 Archaeology Museum Thanksgiving Hours <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">We are going to have the Museum open for you to visit 9:00 to 5:00 on</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Wednesday, Nov. 25, and 7:00 1:00 on Friday, Nov. 27 with the gift shop open as well for you to</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">get gifts for Christmas etc. if you would like. It will also be open on</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Sabbath, Nov. 28, from 3:00 to 5:00. So if you have family here visiting that would</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">like to visit the museum or if you would like to visit we will be there.</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">If you have questions about visiting call</span>&nbsp;Terry at 423-645-5684.</p> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 14:33:48 +0000