Museum Lecture Series

Past Lectures

We have been privileged to host lectures by the following (listed in alphabetical order with lecture titles): see lecture series blog

  • Averbeck, Richard
    Building a House for God in the World of the Bible
  • Barkay, Gabriel
    Artifacts from the Temple Mount
  • Bazak, Jacob
    Numerical Devices as Literary Ornaments in the Book of Psalms
  • Bienkowski, Piotr
    Tribes, Towns, and Trade: The Late Iron Age in Southern Jordan and the Negev

    Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians in Jordan
  • Borowski, Oded
    The Iron Age at Tell Halif
  • Borstad, Karen A.
    The Kings' Highway: Its Role in the Holy Land in Biblical Times
  • Brand, Peter
    Preserving Egypt's Threatened Past: The Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project
  • Bucheim, Paul
    Geology and Fossils of an Ancient Lake System: The Green River Formation of Southwestern Wyoming
  • Bull, Robert J.
    Caesarea Maritima: Capital of Roman Palestine in Jesus' Day
  • Bullard, Reuben
    Infant Sacrifice Among the Canaanites and Phoenicians as Indicated at Gezer and Charthage
  • Campbell, Edward F.
    Archaeology at Shechem: A Case Study in Biblical Archaeology
  • Carswell, John
    Architecture and Environment in the Near East
  • Chartkoff, Joseph L.
    The Dawn of Farming in the Near East
  • Chavalas, Mark W.
    Terqa: The Middle Euphrates Region of Syria during the Time of the Patriarchs
  • Chesnut, Owen
    A Reassessment of the Excavations at Tall Safut: The Site of Biblical Nobah
  • Clark, Douglas
    Religious and Domestic Life at the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Tall al-'Umayri, Jordan
  • Cummings, Eryl A.
    The Recent Search for Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat
  • Daviau, Michele
    Temples and Towns in Moab
  • Demsky, Aaron
    The Tel Dan "House of David" Inscription
  • Dever, William G.
    Archaeology and Popular Religions in Ancient Israel

    Fading Glory?: The Recent Controversy over Israel's Davidic Monarchy

    Did God Have A Wife?

    Ethnography and Everyday Life in Ancient Israel: Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect (with Pamela Gaber)

    Ethnographic Artifacts in the Horn Archaeological Museum

    The Age of Solomon: Fact or Fiction?
  • DeVries, Bert
    Umm el-Jimal: the Ghost Black City of the Jordanian Desert

    Archaeology in Jordan after the Gulf War

    Multi-Communal Site Presentation at Umm al-Jimal
    (with associates and students)
  • Eadie, John W.
    Cult and Social Regulations in Iron I Israel: The View from Ta'anach
  • Filas, Francis L.
    A Theologian Looks at the Shroud of Turin
  • Frick, Frank S.
    Cult and Social Regulations in Iron I

    Israel: The view from Ta'anach
  • photo of  gaberGaber, Pamela
    Ethnography and Everyday Life in Ancient Israel: Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect (with William Dever)
  • Gane, Connie
    Nineveh's Last Stand: Assyrian Bones and the Gate of Doom

    Babylonian Symposium (with Students)

    Nineveh Symposium (with Students)
  • Gane, Roy
    Reconstructing a Sennacherib Prism Recently Found at Nineveh, Iraq
  • Geraty, Larry T.
    Report on the 1987 Archaeological Expedition to Tell el-Umeiri

    An Ammonite City Continues to Reveal its Secrets: Tell el-Umeiri, 1989
  • Gerber, Yvonne
    The Daily Life of the Nabataeans (Swiss-Liechtenstein Excavations at Petra, Jordan)
  • Gilmour, Garth
    The Archaeology of Cult in Early Iron Age Palestine: A Methodological Approach

    The Archaeology of the Philistines in Iron II: National and Economic Revival under Assyrian Domination
  • Goldfried, Howard P.
    Herod's Fortress and the Zealot's Last Stand
  • Graham, Andrew
    Showdown at Moab
  • photo of graichenGraichen, Thomas
    Figuring Out Figurines (with Regine Huniziker-Rodewald and Astride Nunn)
  • photo of pgregorGregor, Paul
    Jalul Excavations: Recent Findings (with Paul Ray and students)

    Many Waters in the Desert: A Look at Jalul's Water Systems
  • photo of grunewaldGrunewald, Mathilde
    Medieval Pilgrimage
  • photo of haselHasel, Michael
    The Identification of Cannanite Territories, Cities and Peoples in the New Kingdom of Egypt
  • Herr, Larry G.
    Digging Up One of the Lost Tribes

    Where Have the Amorites Gone?: Tall al-'Umayri and the Bible
  • Hess, Richard S.
    Rahab's Name and Other Textual Evidence Regarding the Historical Context of Joshua

    Between the Sand and the Sea: Israel's Sojourn in the Wilderness
  • Hoerth, Al
    Ancient Games People Played

    The Worlds of Abraham
  • Hoffmeier, James K.
    Moses vs. Pharaoh: an Egyptologist's Perspective

    The Excavations at Tell el-Borg, Sinai: New light on the Route of the Exodus
  • Horn, Siegfried H.
    Heshbon in the Bible and Archaeology

    The Mesha Inscription: Its Bearing on Moab in the 9th Century
  • Hubbard, Reuben
    Health and Medical Practice in Ancient Egypt
  • Hudson, Stanley
    Coins of the Bible Lands
  • Hunziker-Rodewald, Regine
    Figuring Out Figurines (with Astride Nunn and Thomas Graichen)
  • Ibrahim, Moawiyah
    Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Yemen
  • Irving, Dorothy
    The Well Dressed Ammonite Woman
  • Isaac, Benjamin H.
    Judaea Between the First and Second Jewish Revolts
  • Johnson, Cale
    The Invention of Writing in Mesopotamia
  • Johnston, Robert M.
    A Theologian's First Visit to the Holy Land
  • Khairy, Nabil
    Petra and the Culture of the Nabataeans
  • Kingbeil, Gerald
    Getting the Big Picture: Surveys in Archaeology
  • LaBianca, Øystein S.
    Let the City of Sihon Be Repaired: Plans for Restoration and Preservation of Tall Hisban (Biblical Heshbon)

    Anthropology and Biblical Archaeology: The View from Tall Hisban

    40 Years at Hesban (Biblical Heshbon?)

    Jordan Field School 2011 (with Robert Bates, Patrice Jones, Kristen Witzel, Brian Manley, Martin Smith and their students)
  • Lapp, Nancy
    Excavations on the Dead Sea Plain, 1990
  • Livingston, David
    The Search for Biblical Ai
  • Loffreda, Stanislao
    Recent Excavations at Capernaum
  • London, Gloria
    Ceramic Folk Art in Cyprus and Jordan
  • Lynn, Donald J.
    A Scientist Looks at the Shroud of Turin
  • MacDonald, Burton
    The Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey, West-Central Jordan
  • Machinist, Peter
    Nahum and the Fall of Nineveh: Prophet Vindicated and Conqueror Conquered
  • Master, Daniel
    Searching for Solomon in the Archaeological Record (with John Monson)
  • Mattingly, Gerald L.
    The Archaeology of Transjordan and Conquest-Settlement

    Recent Archaeological Research in Ancient Moab and the Karak Resources Project
  • Merling, David
    The Monastery, the Manuscript and the Mountain
  • Meyers, Eric
    Everyday Life in Roman Palestine
  • Milgrom, Jacob
    Biblical and Archaeological Evidence for the Extent and Nature of Idolatry in 8th and 7th Century Judah
  • Miller, J. Maxwell
    Two Centuries of Archaeological Exploration in Ancient Moab
  • Monson, John
    Searching for Solomon in the Archaeological Record (with Daniel Master)
  • Ninow, Friedbert
    At the Fringes of the Moabite Plateau: New Discoveries in Ancient Moab
  • Nitowski, Eugenia L.
    Mt. Carmel Project - 1988
  • Nunn, Astride
    Figuring Out Figurines (with Regine Huniziker-Rodewald and Thomas Graichen)
  • Ortiz, Steven M.
    House of David or the Tent of David? Current Issues and Trends in Biblical Archaeology

    Recent Excavations at Gezer, Israel
  • Pettinato, Giovanni
    Update on Ebla Tablet Research
  • Platt, Elizabeth E.
    A Morning in Abraham's Town
  • Pott, Kenneth
    Recent Archaeology Work in Lake Michigan: a 19th Century Schooner!
  • Rast, Walter E.
    Bab edh-Dhra: Is It Biblical Sodom?
  • Rainey, Anson F.
    Pictures of Israelites found in Egypt?

    Bringing the Bible Down to Earth - The Disciplines of Historical Geography: An Approach to Everyday Life of Ancient Israel

    From Where Did the Israelites Come?
  • photo of rayRay, Paul 
    Update on Tall Hisban

    The Jesus Tomb (with Randall Younker)

    Jalul Excavations: Recent Findings (with Paul Gregor and students)
  • Reeves, John
    X-Raying the Pharaohs
  • Rendsburg, Gary Al
    Reading the Abraham Story
  • Ritmeyer, Leen
    The Temple and the Rock-Where the Ark of the Covenant stood in Solomon's Temple and A Square of 500 Cubits - Locating the Original Temple Mount
  • Runia, David
    Philo of Alexandria and the Founding of Two Cities
  • photo of salemSalem, Hamed
    The Current State of Archaeology in the Palestinian Teritories
  • Sauer, James A.
    The Relationship Between Archaeology and Biblical Studies
  • Schaub, Thomas
    Recent Excavations at Khanazir, Jordan
  • Schiffman, Lawrence
    The Sabbath in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Schoville, Keith
    The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Recent Controversies

    The Contribution of Archaeology to Biblical Studies
  • Seger, Joe D.
    Tell Halif - Bottom to Top Excavations of the 1992-93 Seasons
  • Shea, William
    Traces of Israelites in Sinai

    Sennacherib: One Campaign or Two?

    History and Inscription

    Where Was Jesus Crucified and Resurrected?
  • Shiloh, Yigal
    New Archaeological Discoveries in the City of David - Biblical Jerusalem
  • Sigrist, Marcel
    The Cuneiform Archive of Drehem and Ur III Administration
  • Snow, Timothy
    Abila at the Time of Jesus
  • Stern, Ephraim
    The Archaeology of Tel Dor, the Biblical Seaport
  • Storfjell, J. Bjørnar
    The Use of Coins in Archaeological Dating

    The Crescent and the Cross: Christianity Gives Way to Islam

    Ceramic Development of the Byzantine through Crusader Period
  • Syphers, C. Erwin
    A Pictorial Visit to Petra
  • Tappy, Ron
    Tel Zayit in the Early Iron II Period: A Biblical City on the Border of Judah
  • Terian, Abraham
    Digging for Lost Works in a Medieval Archive

    The Coins of Heshbon

    The Religious Relics of the First Christian Nation
  • Toueir, Kassem
    Ebla and Its Importance In Syrian Archaeology
  • Tsouparopoulou, Christina
    What Can These Tiny Clay Tablets Tell Us About Ancient Drehem?
  • Tubb, Jonathan N.
    Recent Excavations at Tell es Sydiah
  • van der Steen, Eveline
    Traveling With the Bedouin: A Journey into Iron Age Transjordan
  • photo of vaughnVaughn, Andrew
    The Success of Hezekiah: A New Look at Hezekiah's Success Following Sennacherib's Campaign
  • Walton, John
    The Mesopotamian Background of the Tower of Babel
  • Waterhouse, S. Douglas
    The Hesban Tombs
  • Weiss, Herold
    Renewed Excavation at Capernaum, the City Jesus Loved
  • Wiseman, Donald J.
    Archaeology and the Book of Jonah

    The Bible and Archaeology
  • Wolff, Samuel
    Tel Megadin: A Multi-period Site on the Carmel Coast, Israel
  • Wood, Bryant
    Uncovering the Truth at Jericho: A Comparison of the Archaeological and Biblical History of Jericho in the Late Bronze Age

    In Search of Biblical Ai: Khirbet Mukatir

    New Evidence for Israel in Egypt

    More New Evidence for Israel in Egypt

  • Yamauchi, Edwin
    Babylon and the Bible
  • Younger, Lawson
    The "Lost Tribes" of Israel in the Light of Recent Discoveries
  • Younker, Randall W.
    New Insights on the Biblical Ammonites

    Jalul Excavations: 1992 and 1994

    Did David Really Exist: Sensational Finds and Controversy Over Israel's Greatest King

    In the Trenches: The Battle Between Archaeology and Biblical Criticism

    Adventist Contributions to Archaeology

    The Jesus Tomb (with Paul Ray)

    Is the Bible Historically Reliable?

    Forgotten Treasures of Biblical Archaeology

    Moabites, Solomon's Pools and Other Mysteries at Jalul:
    Report on the 2011 Season at Tall Jalul, Jordan

    New Biblical Connections Discovered at Jalul

  • Zadok, Ran
    The Earliest Diaspora: The Judeans in Babylonia and Their Neighbors
  • Zayadine, Fawzi
    Recent Excavations at the Amman Citadel and Iraq el Amir

    As-Sela of Edom and the Rock of the Nabataeans
  • photo of zieseZiese, Mark
    The Tragedies of Tell Taanek