Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University

Ancient Pottery of Transjordan

An Introduction Utilizing Published Whole Forms:
Late Neolithic Through Late Islamic

By Ralph E. Hendrix, Philip R. Drey, and J. Bjørnar Storfjell (in consultation with: Piotr Bienkowski, Joseph A. Greene, Timothy P. Harrison, Larry G. Herr, Nancy Lapp, Gloria London, Burton MacDonald, Gerald L. Mattingly, Mohammad Najjar, Friedbert Ninow, Kay Prag, Paul J. Ray, Jr., R. Thomas Schaub, Robert Schick, Udo Worschech). 1997; 356 pp; glossary; bibliography; index; ISBN 0-9642060-1-3; Wirebound text manual.

APOT standardizes pottery terminology and provides an introduction to the study of the typology and relative chronology of ancient Transjordanian pottery. The teaching corpus was selected from over 4000 published vessels representing 23 periods from 55 sites.

Chapter 1: Researching Pottery Morphology delineates why archaeologists collect and study pottery.

Chapter 2: Analyzing Ancient Pottery (11 figures, 3 tables) describes vessel parts/surface treatments introducing basic vessel morphology.

Chapter 3: Standardizing Pottery Terminology (18 figures, 4 tables) standardizes vessel names, objectifies size terminology, and categorizes pottery forms.

Chapter 4: Summarizing Ancient Chronology (1 table) provides a brief background for each archaeological period.

Chapter 5: Characterizing Archaeological Periods (2 maps; 469 pottery examples) describes for each period how the pottery was made (technique), its aesthetic qualities (surface treatment), and provides 469 pottery examples scaled to 20% each with a full description and individual bibliography.

Also included are a Glossary (329 entries), a Bibliography (228 entries), and a complete Index.