Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University

Hesban After 25 Years

Edited by David Merling and Lawrence T. Geraty. 1994; xxiv + 379 pp; bibliography; index; appendix; ISBN 0-9642060-0-5; paper.

A single-volume account of the Heshbon Expedition to Tell Hesban, Jordan (1968-1976). Chapters progress from initial planning to final analysis covering architecture and objects, strategy and methodology, pottery and periodization, regional studies, and economic contexts--all presented for the professional and nonprofessional alike.

Authors include Frank Moore Cross, Jr., James A. Sauer, Roger Boraas, and Bert de Vries as well as the Hesban "crew" of Horn, Geraty, LaBianca, Van Elderen, Ibach, Lawlor, Waterhouse, Mitchel, Storfjell, Merling, and non-Hesbanites: Younker, Fisher, Hendrix, and Platt.

Fully illustrated and indexed. Extensive bibliography. Appendixes.