Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University

To Understand the Scriptures

Essays in Honor of William H. Shea

Edited by David Merling. 1997; xxxii + 330 pp; bibliography; general index; scripture index; ISBN 0-9642060-2-1; paper.

More than 25 international scholars have contributed a variety of biblical studies in honor of William H. Shea. Contributors include Merling Alomía, Dalton D. Baldwin, Richard M. Davidson, David A. Dorsey, Ron du Preez, Roy Gane, Norman R. Gulley, Larry G. Herr, Robert M. Johnston, Gerald A. Klingbeil, Donn W. Leatherman, Robert K. McIver, David Merling, Daegeuk Nam, Samuel Núñez, Gudmundur Olafsson, Paul J. Ray, Jr., Angel Manuel Rodríguez, Zdravko Stefanovic, Steven Thompson, S. Douglas Waterhouse, Bryant G. Wood, Edwin M. Yamauchi, Norman H Young, and Randall W. Younker.

Each paper touches on an aspect of the Hebrew or Greek Scriptures, or of Theological studies. Nearly one-third of the papers relate to the book of Daniel, so central to Shea's interests.

The book includes illustrations, tables, and index.