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We want to stay connected with you, whenever you move you have 30 days to notify the Federal Aviation Administration. Well with us we would just like to know where you're at in your life! Email us your updated contact information so that we can keep our databases current. It's as easy as 1... 2... 3... just click here and follow the format.

Follow this outline when sending us your information via snail mail (USPS):

Name: John Doe
Address: 3898 Griggs Drive
  Berrien Springs MI 49104
Phone: 269-471-3120
Graduated: Class of 1976
Past Jobs: A&P Helicopters, Expressjet
Current Job: Captian Air France B777
Would you be willing to mentor students:  
Would you be willing to present for a Department Assembly: Any other information you'd want us to know

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